Hughes To Sign With The Twins

He's gone! That's the reaction Twitter has taken to the news that Phil Hughes has agreed to a 3 year $24 million deal with the Twins. During his time in New York, Hughes was a blast to cover, but he was awful to watch. The guy had a new technique or pitch to show off every month, which made analysis entertaining. Unfortunately, nothing worked, the right-hander could never recover his knockout curveball after a hamstring injury in 2007.

It's a sad end to what could have been a great Yankee career, but Hughes has some rebound potential in Minnesota. The big park plays into his fly ball style of pitching, and Hughes now finds himself in a much less offensive-minded division.

Just for fun, I totally nailed this signing. In a Twitter conversation, on whether or not he would decline a qualifying offer, I had him signing a 3 year $24 million deal, and I also had the Twins taking him. Go me, I guess.