On A-Rod, baseball writers and hyperbole

This isn't going to be a long, exhaustive post but I felt like something needed to be written in light of the latest gaffe by a well-respected baseball writer while discussing a highly volatile subject: Alex Rodriguez. If you recall, during the summer, when A-Rod was working his way back from hip surgery and the news came out that MLB was going to suspend him for an unprecedented 211 games, Bill Madden of the New York Daily News compared Rodriguez to Whitey Bulger. Bulger is a mobster and a murderer who killed over 10 people. Rodriguez is a baseball player and he took PEDs. Obviously, this comparison was extremely silly to make and it was panned at the time by most people with a functioning brain stem.

Fast forward to earlier today, when well-respected baseball writer Peter Gammons was appearing on ESPN 98.7 FM here in New York and he inexplicably decided to compare A-Rod to the Boston Marathon bombers. Yes, that actually happened. Twitter user @EliIsELITE posted this audio snippet on their account and it spread around Twitter like wildfire.

We get it. A lot of baseball writers do not like Alex Rodriguez. A lot of fans don't like Alex Rodriguez and that's fine. You can like and dislike whomever you choose to like and dislike but a line needs to be drawn somewhere because comparing Rodriguez to people who have actually set out to murder other human beings is ludicrous. The idea that someone who injected a foreign substance into his body to gain a competitive edge is allowed to be compared to someone who murdered people is appalling and the people who do this need to stop.

Alex Rodriguez is not a murderer, unless you count the hundreds of baseballs he's hit out of ballparks in the last 20 years and he's not a terrorist, so please, stop using these comparisons in a public forum for all to read and hear. All you are doing is making yourself appear to be extremely insensitive to the people whose friends and families were victims of Bulger and the marathon bombers.

Enough is enough.

(Just as this post published, Peter Gammons issued an apology, which is nice but he really should know better because he's not a newbie in this industry. Lesson learned, I hope.)