Rangers And Tigers Swap Kinsler And Fielder, Cano Loses Another Suitor

osucowboyfan The GM Meetings usually bring out some wild trade rumors and proposals. Last year we had the Marlins trading their roster to the Blue Jays, and this year we have the Rangers and Tigers swapping Ian Kinsler for Prince Fielder.

The Tigers earn a few benefits out of this. Miguel Cabrera goes to his natural position at first base, and no longer deals with his leg problems at third base. The team also has Nick Castellanos, a top prospect that was moved out of third base in 2013, but is likely to return next year. Finally, the Tigers, who were considering trading Max Scherzer to free up some money, now have that extra cap space to fill in the holes this winter.

On the other hand, the Rangers are taking on quite a bit of money, but they're finally receiving a top-tier first baseman. This move also allows the team to keep Elvis Andrus at short stop and top prospect Jurickson Profar at second base.

Finally, this clears up the second base spot for two teams, which is huge news for the Yankees. Big spending teams like the Red Sox, Phillies, and Dodgers already dropped out of the Robinson Cano bidding. The Rangers were never really a strong threat, but the Tigers could have made the most sense outside of the Yankees. Now, Cano is going to need a dark horse to show up and offer him $200+ million if he ever wants leverage over the Yankees.