Yankees Have Interest In Bringing Back Raul Ibanez

According to George King and Ken Davidoff, the Yankees have interest in bringing back Raul Ibanez as the left-handed DH. Perhaps unhappy with the idea of Ichiro Suzuki DHing against right-handed pitchers, it looks like the team wants to target another power hitting DH platoon for 2014. With the health of Jeter in question, I figured the Yankees would want to keep the DH as open as possible. Signing Ibanez would mean they either plan on cutting his playing time or that they think Jeter can fully recover and play a decent short stop at the age of 40.

Ibanez should also cost some real money. Despite slowing down in the later-half of the last two seasons, the slugger continues to average around 20+ home runs a year. If the price reaches a few million dollars, it'll be a lot easier to remember how streaky he was in 2012.