Breaking news: Boston will be Boston

In news that will shock and amaze absolutely no one, it was reported via Twitter (because I was asleep and missed the entire thing) that a "Yankees suck!" chant broke out during the World Series victory parade in Boston. Yes, even after a great regular season, postseason and a World Series victory over the Cardinals in six games, Boston fans are still obsessed with the Yankees. Head in Hands

Oh and the Boston Police Department made it a point to report that no arrests were made during today's festivities. Good job, Boston! I guess overturning cars and acting like hooligans only happens on the night their team wins the World Series and they tone things down for the victory parade.

In all seriousness, there was a nice moment when they placed the World Series trophy at the Boston Marathon finish line in a moving tribute to honor those injured and lost during the bombings in April.

Okay, so now that the parade is over, we can get down to the business of the offseason and also looking forward to 2014.

Happy Saturday!