Yankees Fire Strength and Conditioning Coach

Joel Sherman reports that the Yankees have fired their strength and conditioning coach Dana Cavalea. Cavalea was involved with the club since 2003, but became the conditioning coach back in 2007. You can learn more about what the job entails and what he did for the team in an excellent interview by Chad Jennings last year. It's unsurprising news that the training staff would be on the block this offseason. The team was riddled with injuries in 2013, but even worse, it seemed that both the major league and minor league clubs suffered from an obscene amount of setbacks. Since May, GM Brian Cashman claimed that he was unhappy with some of the decisions to push Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira, and eventually Kevin Youkilis too far and too fast.

It looks like the majority of the coaches will have job security this offseason, thanks to the retainment of Joe Girardi, but I the medical staff and other trainers are probably worried about their jobs. I suppose that it's worth mentioning that a team full of aging and injury prone players would probably see some setbacks thus summer, but that likely won't stop management from passing some of the blame on the staff. Particularly, I think doctor Chris Ahmad would be the type of public distancing that the club wants. Ahmad was responsible for a number of decisions over the last few years that lead to major setbacks, including Jeter's ankle, Teixeira's wrist, and Brett Gardner's elbow. He's also being sued by Alex Rodriguez for malpractice after the third baseman claimed that Ahmad knowingly misdiagnosed him. Though Ahmad is one of the most respected orthopedic surgeons in the country, a cluster of poor outcomes and bizarre happenings, in the Rodriguez case, could cost him his connection with the Yankees.