Quick Hits: Lawyer Brawl, Yankees Interested In Beltran

Here's a bizarre story out of the ongoing Alex Rodriguez legal department. Apparently his lawyer, Joe Tacopina, had to be restrained at the MLB offices after sharing insults with Anthony Bosch's lawyer Julio Ayala. Tacopina, unhappy with the length of Bosch's testimony, essentially said that Ayala's client would be in jail before he finished his testimony. Apparently this was a private conversation, which was interjected by Ayala. Ayala responded by insisting that Rodriguez would join him in jail, and Tacopina then insulted Ayala's wife, who is also representing Bosch, calling her a liar. Tacopina then made a move to rush Bosch's lawyer, and was restrained. Mark Feinsand is reporting that the Yankees and Carlos Beltran have mutual interest in a contract. Though it's far too early for the Yankees to show any sort of public pursuit of the outfielder, it's not surprising that the team would consider chasing Beltran. When the slugger signed with the Mets back in 2005, there were rumors that he offered to sign with the Yankees for a considerable discount. When Beltran signed a 2 year $26 million deal with the Cardinals at the end of 2011, he also came to the Yankees with a discount offer.

The team could obviously use his power, and his style of play would fit right field perfectly, but the cost may be too much. Even if Beltran is willing to take a discount once again, the Cardinals may give the outfielder a qualifying offer, thus costing the Yankees their 18th overall pick to sign him. In most years this wouldn't be much of a problem, but the Yankees are obviously looking to rebuild their farm system at the moment, and with Brett Gardner, Alfonso Soriano, Ichiro Suzuki and Vernon Wells already under contract for 2014, a mid-first round pick may be too much to surrender.