Quick Hit: Cervelli Talks PED's

Erik Boland obtained some quotes from Francisco Cervelli on his PED use and suspension. The catcher talks a bit about the stresses of his career, the injury history, and why he ultimately decided to take PED's in 2011. I'm not the biggest Cervelli fan, but I find it hard not to sympathize with these types of PED users. In the case of Cervelli, Andy Pettitte, and I'm sure hundreds of others, injuries coupled with expectations make playing clean a difficult decision. I believe most people would do what it takes to return to the job that fans and their high salaries demand, and often enough, PED's do aid in the healing process. With Cervelli's ongoing bizarre health history, it's difficult to morally condemn him without knowing his personal frustration.

Anyway, it's a great read, and Boland did a wonderful job getting some of those quotes. Cervelli had nothing to say on Alex Rodriguez, but he did recognize that it wouldn't be the last time he'd be questioned about his teammate.