The Hypothetical ex-Yankee Playoff Team

1366__major_league_baseball-event-2013 As disappointing as it is to witness a Yankee-less playoffs, fans have at least found teams and players to rally behind. It's far from the same roller coaster of October baseball in the Bronx, but we can at least enjoy watching some ex-Yankees like Russell Martin and Bartolo Colon.

Last week, Brad created a hypothetical Yankee playoff roster, but I thought I'd make my own hypothetical ex-Yankee playoff roster. The rules are, players must have been either drafted by the organization, participated in the farm system, or played for the Yankees. I included all 10 playoff teams, as well as the Rangers, who were knocked out in game 163. Furthermore, any player from a playoff team's 40-man roster is eligible.

CF- Austin Jackson (DET) C- Russell Martin (PIT) 1B- Nick Swisher (CLE) DH- Lance Berkman (TEX) 3B- Jason Giambi (CLE) LF- Jose Tabata (PIT) RF- Matt Carson (CLE) SS- Ramiro Pena (ATL) 2B- Jerry Hairston (LAD)

SP1- Gerrit Cole (PIT) SP2- A.J. Burnett (PIT) SP3- Bartolo Colon (OAK) SP4- Zach McAllister (CLE) SP5- Freddy Garcia (ATL)

LHRP- Phil Coke (DET) LHRP- Randy Choate (STL) RHRP- Luis Ayala (ATL) RHRP- Kyle Farnsworth (PIT) RHRP- John Axford (STL) SU- Jose Veras (DET) CL- Mark Melancon (PIT)

The pitching is certainly the strongest part of this hypothetical team. While it may not compete with the Dodgers' Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke, or the Rays' threesome of David Price, Matt Moore, and Alex Cobb, a Cole, Burnett, Colon, and McAllister playoff rotation is nothing to scoff at. Meanwhile, the bullpen lacks a knockout closer, but makes up for it in depth. Melancon, Veras, Axford, and Farnsworth all served as closers within the last two years. With the exception of Farnsworth, these relievers can close out a game.

The lineup is a complete mess. Giambi is not only your fifth hitter in the lineup, but he's your third baseman. You could always move one of Pena or Hairston to third base, but you'd continue to have a problem plugging in defenders at second base or shortstop. It goes to show you just how much consistency the Yankees have seen in the infield over the last decade. Between Derek Jeter, Robinson Cano, and Alex Rodriguez, the Yankees haven't needed many other infielders up until this season. Of course, this weak lineup also highlights the team's recent inefficiency to produce  young infielders.

I obviously don't see this team performing very well in the playoffs, specifically with the lack of offense. Outside of Giambi at third base, the defense is actually fairly decent, and anyone of their first three starters is capable of shutting down an opposing team's lineup. How do you guys think they'd perform? Would you make any changes? Have I missed anyone?