Random thoughts on a potentionally stormy Monday

Greeting IIATMS readers, If you're in the NYC area you will know that we are in the midst of a Tornado Watch. Yes, it's early October and Mother Nature has gotten the Northeast confused with Kansas in June. I'm not sure who we pissed off this year but I'm really getting sick of this nonsense. Enough is enough.

So in honor of this crazy weather day, I decided to do another random thoughts post because, well, that's all I'm good for lately. And away we go!

  • Are any of you actually watching the playoffs?
  • I've watched bits and pieces but have mostly kept track of things via Twitter and MLB At Bat.
  • I just don't care right now.
  • But I will admit, I am enjoying Boston beating up on Tampa.
  • I'm also enjoying the fact that other people share in my disdain for that team from Florida and that not everyone thinks they're all that.
  • Did I really just use 'all that?'
  • Oh dear.
  • The Dodgers beat up on the Braves last night which was cool to see because I don't really like the Braves and especially now that they've anointed themselves the fun police of MLB.
  • Get over yourselves.
  • So will Joe Girardi stay or will he go?
  • I'm hoping he stays. I'm afraid of what will happen if he leaves. I'm also afraid of who the Yankees will hire in his place.
  • If he does leave, they better just put Tony Pena in the managerial position. I don't want to see him get passed over again.
  • Back to Boston and Tampa: After David Price was abused by Boston's lineup he took to Twitter to let off some steam. He went a little overboard and called out TBS' studio crew for their comments on his performance - which weren't even that negative. He went back to 1984 and called them all nerds.
  • As I am writing this, the wind is picking up where I live.
  • We don't have a basement.
  • This is not a good thing.
  • And speaking of basements, I'm surprised Price didn't accuse Tom Verducci of still living in his mom's basement. Oh wait, that's what the MSM guys do to bloggers. My bad.
  • Verducci seems to be aging in reverse.
  • Could he be getting Botoxed?
  • Alex Rodriguez is suing everyone and their mother. Just don't sue my mom, okay Alex? Thanks.
  • This offseason was going to be interesting anyway with all of the guys who can potentially bolt New York but now? This offseason has become better than any show on TV especially now that Breaking Bad is off the air.
  • That was some game in Oakland the other night, eh?
  • Jason Verlander (his name according to TBS) pitched a great game and so did his opponent Sonny Gray.
  • If you missed it, Oakland won the game on a walk-off 1-0.
  • That's the kind of playoff game you enjoy watching when you have no rooting interest because when your team is embroiled in a tense matchup like that, you tend to have anxiety attacks every inning. Or at least I do.
  • I can't be the only one.
  • After experiencing a week without Yankees baseball I realize I do miss it.
  • And I'm jealous of the fanbases who are experiencing playoff baseball right now.
  • I'm really hoping for a Pirates/Dodgers matchup in the NLDS.
  • I am also hoping I didn't just jinx both teams by saying that.
  • The wind and rain are picking up so I'm going to end this one early just in case the power goes out.
  • You know, like the power outage the Yankees offense experienced this season?
  • HIYO!

Happy Monday, everyone!