Report: Rodriguez was "duped" into taking illegal substances (UPDATED)

According to the New York Daily News' I-Team, who as we all know, has been on top of the Alex Rodriguez steroids business since it broke, is reporting that his defense team is arguing that he was duped into taking illegal substances by Biogenesis founder Anthony Bosch. This is the same defense that Barry Bonds, Gary Sheffield and Roger Clemens have used in the past. Even David Ortiz, whose name was linked to the Mitchell Report used the "I had no idea what I was taking" defense back in the summer of 2009 but never turned into a pariah. Probably because he's so big, jolly and smiles all the time.

Bosch spent some of Monday and all of yesterday testifying in front of the three-person arbitration panel and will be cross-examined by A-Rod's defense team today.

The article also claims that the hearing is expected to take up the rest of this week but because of scheduling conflicts, it can’t continue next week. It could resume either later this month or in November.

UPDATE 11:30 A.M.

And here we go again...

You know what? I'm never posting anything from the Daily News again.