Your favorite moments of 2013

Good afternoon IIATMS readers, I realize this season wasn't a typical New York Yankees season. There were injuries galore, bad hitting, and bad pitching but even with all of the negative stuff, the team still managed to win 85 games and in those 85 victories, there were some cool moments sprinkled in. So what I wanted to know was what was your favorite moment (or moments) from the 2013 season?

I know it's hard to believe but we do have a lot to choose from. And having been there to witness the event(s) in person is not a requirement of this post. Personally, my favorite moment happened in Boston and I wasn't there. I just watched it on TV.

If you read this blog regularly, you probably know what moment I'm going to choose as one of my favorites but instead of just writing about it, I'll also show it to you.


Come on, you have to admit that was hilarious at the time. Alex Rodriguez is plunked by Ryan Dempster and then comes back to not only hit a home run but to clap his hands and point to the sky, clearly imitating David Ortiz and angering Boston fans who were already vociferously booing him. It was obviously his version of a heel turn and it was spectacular.

Another favorite moment of mine was Brett Gardner's walk off home run against Detroit in August. After seeing Mariano Rivera give up two home runs in one inning to blow the save, we all were sitting in the Stadium in complete shock. Thankfully, Gardner took us from shock to elation with one swing of the bat. We also witnessed A-Rod's first home of the season which was great for me because I was wearing my Rodriguez #13 t-shirt that day.

So, what was your favorite moment(s) of 2013? Leave them in the comments.