If only he hustled

Robinson Cano wants 10 years worth $305 million? HA! He doesn't even hustle to first on a ground ball. Never mind the fact that he would be out whether he was hustling down the line or jogging his way to first. That extra exerted energy needs to be used so the Yankees get every single penny out of the $15 million he's going to be paid this year! How the heck does he expect $305 million if he can't even hustle his way to $15 million? Hmm?

Where's your grit Robbie? Where are those dirt stains on your uniform from when you dive to first on those outs you ground to second base? Your HO (Hustle outs) is below league average. This new sabermetric statistic to value one's hustling skills has transformed the way we analyze the game.

You're not trying out there, Cano. Your swing is too nonchalant. Where are those mighty hacks? You know, the ones that Dustin Pedroia has at bat after at bat. Maybe you should be more like him, after all, he did win an MVP.


Okay, now I hope you all sensed my sarcasm in the paragraphs above. An argument with a friend of mine arose when the news of Cano wanting $305 million came about: It was about Cano's laziness and lack of hustle on ground balls. It really sounds ridiculous when someone says that a player doesn't deserve a certain figure of money because he didn't puff his cheeks on a ground ball out. We have much better ways of determining a player's value, and my joke statistic, hustle outs, isn't one of them.

Cano has put up a WAR of at least 5.3 in the last four years. With having a career high of 7.7 a season ago. If we look at Cano's value in dollars according to FanGraphs, we'll see that Cano has been worth $65.2 million over the past two seasons. That's an average of $32.6 million per season over the past two. In reality, Cano has been paid $14 and $15 million respectively. Essentially, Cano has been worth more than double of what he has been getting paid these past two seasons.

Now if you look at the average salary of a 10 year $305 million deal, it would come out to be $30.5 million. I guess Jay Z has been studying sabermetrics lately. While Cano has deserved this money in the past, it doesn't mean that he'll get it in the future. The Yankees have had Cano on a bargain of a deal for years now. Paying him ridiculous amounts of money at the age of 30 when no other team is going to come close to the number he has in mind makes zero sense.

Robinson Cano will likely sign a deal for 7/$175 million. He'll likely produce solid numbers for five years into the deal, and then drop off in the final two. Which is fine, because he'll be on the other side of 35 at the time. Robbie won't get this deal due to natural regression, not because he doesn't hustle. Psh, what a lazy conclusion.