Lunchtime links: Cano and his 10 year/305 million asking price

So it has been reported that Robinson Cano asked the Yankees for a 10 year/305 million deal and the reaction has been hilarious to say the least. People are overreacting to the numbers, of course, because everyone always does when the news of contract "demands" comes out. They also believe that Cano actually thinks he'll get a 10 yr/$305M deal. It's as if some people are new to the free agency game.

If I got everything I ever asked for I'd be married to a really handsome man, have more money than Bill Gates and I'd be in shape without having to eat right or needing exercise.

Anyway, here are all of the links I could find about Cano:

Well, this isn't everything but it's a lot of them. They all basically say the same thing except for the Daily News piece. Tonight could possibly be Cano's last home game as a Yankee. I hope that's not the case but if it is, I hope they can actually win the game and that Cano could play a big part in it.

In regards to the contract news, what do you think about Cano's first request and what do you think he's worth? Leave your thoughts in the comments.