Lunchtime links: Bobblehead mayhem, elimination numbers and Jason Giambi

Greetings IIATMS readers! Here's some Yankees and former Yankees' news for you on this very lovely Fall day.

First up, September 24, 2013 may become known as Bobblehead Remembrance Day and future generations will hear the harrowing stories from their grandparents who will be describing in great detail, the horrors of having to wait in line for a little doll with a large, moving head while the Yankees played an awful game that all but ended their playoff chances.

I feel for my friends who went through this disaster last night. I attended two bobblehead games this season - for Derek Jeter and Hideki Matsui - and I didn't have the same experience. All I did was wait in line for a little longer than usual as the Yankee Stadium workers handed out boxes. Last night, those boxes didn't arrive in time which created a cluster**** of epic proportions.

Thanks to last night's awful game by the Yankees their elimination number is now 1. They will be eliminated if Cleveland wins. Speaking of the Indians, former Yankee Jason Giambi drove the second to last nail into the Yankees' coffin last night with a walk-off home run in the bottom of the ninth which propelled Cleveland to a 5-4 win over the Chicago White Sox.

I know that I shouldn't be celebrating Giambi's walk-off because it helped to squash the Yankees' playoff chances as much as Hiroki Kuroda's awful performance but I've always liked Giambi and I'm very happy for him. He became the oldest player to hit a walk-off, pinch hit home run and that's pretty cool since everyone assumed he couldn't contribute this season.

Happy Wednesday!