Rays 7, Yankees 0: Elimination number is now one

This is going to be a quick recap: The game sucked.

It sucked for us watching the fiasco at home and it sucked even more for the people who were there because of a major screw up with the Mariano Rivera bobbleheads. It seems they hadn't arrived on time so the Yankees handed out vouchers so people could pick them during the game. Well, people are still waiting for them.

If you're on Twitter do a search for "bobblehead" and you'll see the aftermath. It's not pretty. Just like the game wasn't pretty. The Yankees couldn't pitch, they couldn't hit or when they did, they couldn't score.

It was basically the 2013 season summed up in one game, minus a devastating injury. And now, their elimination number is down to one because while they weren't hitting, Jason Giambi hit a walk-off home run for the Cleveland Indians to get the win over the White Sox and this was after their closer, Chris Perez, coughed up the game and allowed Chicago to pull ahead 4-3 in the ninth.