Could we see Mariano Rivera in the outfield?

This morning, I was browsing through Twitter like I always do and saw that Chad Jennings of the Lohud Yankees Blog wrote a random thoughts post so I took a gander. His random thoughts aren't as random as mine usually are, nor does he have as many as I usually do. Lucky him. Anyway, the following passage, which happens to be his first random thought, caught my eye:

Mariano Rivera’s number has been retired, his legacy is beyond secure, and the Yankees seem to have very little to play for the rest of the way. Is he actually going to get that inning in center field that he’s wanted for so long? And if so, would Joe Girardi do it at Yankee Stadium this week — letting Rivera play center in the Bronx, and still make his final career appearance as a pitcher in Houston — or would he wait until the Yankees are officially eliminated to send his closer into the outfield, which might mean having Rivera play center field in a visiting ball park?

Okay, this needs to happen. I want to see Mo in the outfield at Yankee Stadium just once because it will take me and others in my age bracket back to the days of seeing Ron Guidry out there a couple of times - most notably during the Pine Tar game resumption in August 1983. He also played the ninth inning of a game in centerfield in 1979 against Toronto.

The Yankees are essentially dead in the water right now so why not put Mo out there for an inning? I'd rather see it happen here than in Houston. That outfield is pretty expansive and they also have a hill in centerfield. We don't need Mo running up a hill to field a long fly ball. Let's make it easy for him and have him do it in the Bronx.

Come on Joe, don't let us down.