Game 155: Just win (and keep on winning)

Last night was a good night because the Yankees needed CC Sabathia to pitch well and he did, they needed a big hit in the seventh inning and they got one from Alex Rodriguez, and most importantly, they needed to win the game and they did. Here's today's lineup: Ichiro Suzuki RF Alex Rodriguez DH Robinson Cano 2B Alfonso Soriano LF Curtis Granderson CF Eduardo Nunez 3B Mark Reynolds 1B Brendan Ryan SS Chris Stewart C

I know there's a week left in the season but I'm still not used to seeing some of these names in the lineup (Ryan, Reynolds and even Soriano). It almost feels like this season hasn't been real. It's just all a bad dream we're all sharing.

Okay, it's not that bad, the Yankees aren't the Astros or Marlins. It's just an off-year. They happen sometimes.