Hitting the wall, meeting former Yankees and other random thoughts

You know how baseball players sometimes hit the proverbial wall?

if you hit the wall when you are trying to achieve something, you reach a situation where you cannot make any more progress

Usually, it's prevalent in pitchers - both starters and relievers- and in fact, our own Hiroki Kuroda seems to have hit that wall and has kept on hitting it repeatedly for over a month now.

Well, sometimes bloggers and writers hit the wall as well. I, unfortunately, crashed into it about two weeks and I'm still recovering.

So instead of writing nonsense about baseball because it seems like all I ever write about lately is nonsense, I'm going to post a couple of pictures of me with some former Yankees I had the pleasure of meeting this past weekend at a cancer fundraiser.

Here am I with Mickey Rivers and Jim Leyritz:


And here I am with David Cone:


I was able to talk to Coney for a few minutes and I was surprisingly calm and I didn't make an ass out of myself. Go me! He's a very cool guy, very down to Earth and if you get a chance to talk to him, don't be nervous because he's great.

I was telling Leyritz about the night of the 15th inning walk-off against Seattle in 1995. I was up in Oswego and living in a suite at the time and while my suitemates and neighbors were watching "Carrie," I was in my bedroom watching the Yankee game. I kept yelling out, "12th inning!" "13th inning!" "14th inning!" "15th inning!" "OH MY GOD LEYRITZ!!!"

He chuckled.

So I saw on the cover of one of the New York dailies that someone has suggested they rename River Avenue in the Bronx, Rivera Avenue. I don't see why they shouldn't. It would be easy just to add the extra a to the name, right? And if anyone deserves it, it would be Mo. But of course, people are up in arms about it because people are always up in arms about everything.

Can I say something about last night's game? I really thought it had last second heartbreak written all over it and I am so glad I was wrong. That kind of loss would have been the dagger.

I know a lot of people are declaring the season dead already but it's not. There's still a sliver of hope.

More random thoughts:

  • Matt Harvey is a weirdo.
  • The Red Sox beards are still ugly and stupid but they're a really good team and it's annoying to see them play so well - save their last two games against Baltimore of course.
  • I am preparing myself for Sunday's game by already stuffing my handbag with tissues.
  • I think the Yankees want us all to age 15 years in the next week.

(If you have any random thoughts you'd like to share, feel free to leave them in the comments.)