Quick hit: Can't we be happy for more than five minutes?

This is a little story about last night. As we were watching the game unfold in Baltimore, we had just found out that Tampa had beaten Boston so a win was necessary for the Yankees to keep pace in the Wild Card standings. And thanks to Jim Johnson not being the Jim Johnson of 2012, the Yankees were on their way to victory.

So, the game ends and the Yankees are victorious. Yankee fans are happy and relieved because their team had just won a game that looked like it could slip away in the latter innings. They're also happy because the team is still in the playoff hunt and after everything that has happened this season, their team is playing meaningful games in mid-September.

Enter Andy Martino of the Daily News.

The game had been over only about 10 minutes when Martino tweeted this out:


Seriously, dude?

We get it. The Yankees aren't a great team when compared to other teams in the American League and that, yes, they are lucky to be in this position with everything that's happened to them this year but why did that particular article have to be tweeted out so soon after a big win like that?

The answers: Martino writes for the Daily News and they have to make everything seem like it's doom and gloom in New York.

Next time, wait until the morning to tweet something like that out. Let Yankee fans go to bed happy and stop trying to make us miserable.