Game 145: Please be super, Nova

I'm sick of begging in my game threads but desperate times call for desperate measures and the Yankees need to win tonight's game otherwise they can pretty much kiss whatever chance they had of making the playoffs goodbye. (I know, I'm being too optimistic but I can't help it.) I still want to believe that a miracle is going to happen. It may be naive of me but I really don't want certain people, mainly obnoxious columnists and reporters who predicted their demise in March, to be right about the Yankees.

Come on boys, don't let us down.

Here are the lineups:

ORIOLES Markakis RF Machado 3B Davis 1B Jones CF Wieters C McLouth LF Hardy SS Roberts 2B Urrutia DH

YANKEES Gardner CF A-Rod 3B Cano 2B Soriano LF Granderson DH Reynolds 1B Suzuki RF Nunez SS Stewart C