Quick hit: Yankees need to chop Baltimore this week

So after the nightmare series against the Red Sox in which they blew large leads, made awful baserunning blunders and committed terrible errors, the Yankees are still in the same spot in the Wild Card standings they were in on Thursday afternoon - 2.5 games out. Amazing, right?

Joe Girardi said that they need to take the momentum from yesterday's win and play well in Baltimore. Momentum? The Yankees were lucky they won that game yesterday. Mariano Rivera blew his seventh save of the year and the team was fortunate that Jarrod Saltalamacchia couldn't see Brandon Workman's high pitch, that it skipped off his glove and that Ichiro Suzuki was able to score standing up on that particular blunder.

I guess there were some positives yesterday.

  • The Red Sox were only able to score three runs after scoring a combined 145,686 in the first three games combined. (That's an exaggeration)
  • The Yankees were able to recover after another deflating Rivera blown save.
  • No one got hurt.

As of now, the Yankees have two teams between them and the WC leading Tampa Bay Rays in the standings - Baltimore and the Cleveland Indians. The Yankees can help their own cause by beating the Orioles this week in Camden Yards. A sweep would be ideal, three out of four would be great, and a split would be acceptable but anything less could be disastrous.

Just win, damn it.