A call for new writers

Greeting IIATMS readers, It's About the Money is looking for new contributors for the rest of the 2013 season, the 2013-14 offseason and beyond.

We'd really like some help on the weekends - more specifically Friday nights and all day Saturday - and we also need more weekday help as well.

Some examples of what we're looking for:

  • Game recaps/game stories
  • Stats-based pieces
  • Opinion pieces
  • Long form pieces
  • History posts

And the posts don't have to be Yankees only. If the mood strikes you and you want to write about the San Diego Padres, feel free to do so. In fact, we'd encourage you to write about other teams occasionally because it's nice to mix things up.

So please include 2-3 writing samples and let us know what kind of experience you have. If you are interested, you can send your samples to gotsulias at gmail dot com.

Ideally, we'd like the new writers to join the team as soon as possible because as you know, writing about baseball is actually a year-long endeavor. So if the Yankees miss the playoffs, you can help us we dissect the season, talk about the upcoming season and try and figure out just how scary the 2014 Yankees will be. (Just kidding.)

I look forward to hearing from you and good luck!

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