Tonight's lineup: 8/26/13 (plus some Matt Harvey news)

This is the "please don't ruin Stacey's birthday" lineup: Gardner CF Jeter SS Cano 2B Soriano LF Granderson DH Rodriguez 3B Overbay 1B Ichiro RF Romine C

Hughes P

Hey, look who is back and playing shortstop...on turf. The mother hen in me is worried about that. Will the third time be the charm for Jeter and his lower half? I'm also worried about Phil Hughes starting because well, some of the guys he's facing like to hit home runs and he likes to surrender them but this all pales in comparison to what our compatriots in Queens are dealing with right now as the news of Matt Harvey's partially torn UCL spreads around the baseball blogosphere.

The thing with that kind of tear, from what I've seen, is that if more than 33% of it is torn, Tommy John surgery will be needed which means that Mets fan won't be seeing Harvey until 2015.

Anyway, back to the Yankees. Let's hope everyone escapes tonight's game unharmed. They have a chance to make up some ground this week so let's cross our fingers and hope they're able to do so.