It's my birthday and I'll post if I want to

Today is the 18th anniversary of my 21st birthday and in honor of this special occasion, I thought it would be fun to see how the Yankees have fared on August 26 during my lifetime because it's all about me today. Isn't that how usually birthdays work? Now, I obviously won't be writing about every single game because this isn't Grantland and I don't think I am capable of writing something that long but what am I going to do is look at specific years during my lifetime - mostly milestone birthdays like 10, Sweet 16, 21, 25, etc. and at certain years in their history (mostly World Series winning years) and record the results.

Let's get to it and start off with the day of my birth, shall we?

August 26, 1974

I actually was born while the Yankees dropped their game to the Minnesota Twins at Metropolitan Stadium in Minneapolis - the game began at 7:30 CT, ended two hours and 43 minutes later and I was born at 10:50 P.M. ET. My dad actually had plans to hang out with his softball team that night at a local bar to watch the Yankee game after they had won their softball game and it just so happened that the bar was around the corner from the hospital. See how considerate I was? He didn't have to go far.

Anyway, I was off to a great start as a Yankee fan. It was bad enough they played their home games in Shea Stadium that season while the old girl was being refurbished but they lost in Minnesota that night in front of a crowd of less than 10,000.

Check out the starting lineup:

A lot of familiar names there but they dropped the game 7-6. Doc Medich, who started the game, gave up six runs in 5.1 innings of work. Good job, Doc!

August 26, 1979 - 5th birthday

It was a Sunday and there's no boxscore for this one because they were rained out in Minnesota. The makeup game was on September 20 and Dave Righetti was beaten in his second career start.

August 26, 1984 - 10th birthday

They won and my favorite player hit a homerun! I actually remember this watching because my dad claimed that Don Mattingly hit his home run for my birthday. Dave Winfield, who was my brother's favorite player in the 1980's, also hit a homerun that day but it wasn't for his birthday because he was born in April.

August 26, 1987 - 13th birthday

Another off day?! What in the world?

August 26, 1990 - Sweet 16

This is tremendous because the 1990 Yankees were not good and they actually won on a walk-off single by Steve SaxGary Sheffield started for the Brewers and played third base, Dan Plesac was the losing pitcher and it was his ninth blown save of the season and sixth loss.

I mean look at who appeared in this game!

Roberto Kelly CF
Oscar Azocar LF
Matt Nokes DH
   Randy Velarde PH
Kevin Maas 1B
Jesse Barfield RF
Rick Cerone C
Jim Leyritz 3B
Alvaro Espinoza SS
   Mel Hall PH
   Steve Balboni PH
   Wayne Tolleson PR-SS
Steve Sax 2B
Team Totals
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After this game, the Yankees were 53-73 and 16 games back in the Division standings. Oof.

August 26, 1992 - 18th birthday

Hmmm, another 4-3 win against the Brewers. Is it a sign? Or does it just mean that the Brewers were bad? Scott Kamieniecki earned only his fourth win of the season (he was 4-10 at this point in 1992) and Danny Tartabull knocked in all four runs thanks to a third inning grand slam.

August 26, 1995 - 21st birthday

I remember being out and about in Oswego on my 21st birthday and being annoyed when I went to the pizza place for a late night, post-drinking snack and saw that the Yankees lost this one 7-0. Damn you, Sterling Hitchcock.

August 26, 1999 - 25th birthday

They didn't play on my 25th birthday because it was an off day, again. They played in Texas in the early part of the week and were heading home for a series against Seattle. It's a good thing it was an off day because it rained like crazy on that particular birthday. I'll never forget it because it was the summer I started working at NBC and I got to work at 8:10 after commuting from Rockland County while a bunch of people who lived in the city got to work 2-3 hours late because the rapid rain had flooded some subway tunnels. My boss was chastising everyone for being late and praising me for being way early on my birthday.

August 26, 2004 - 30th birthday

Another winner! I wasn't home for this one because I was out celebrating the big 3-0 but I remember being happy when I saw that they won.

August 26, 2009 - 35th birthday

I went to this game with my parents and brother. This is when we were sitting out in Section 305 of the upper deck (we were there in 2009 and 2010) and I had my birthday put up on the scoreboard. Of course, as I was trying to get a picture of my name on the board, my phone was being a pill. Luckily, my brother got a picture of me trying to get a picture of my name. And the funniest thing was that after my name appeared, I was getting tweets from other people at the game who said they saw it. Success!

Oh right, the game.

Andy Pettitte won the game, Jorge Posada and Jerry Hairston each hit home runs and I was happy because that victory snapped a three game losing streak on my birthday. (They lost to Boston in 2008, Detroit in 2007 and to Anaheim in 2006.)

They're 19-15 on my birthday during my lifetime. A few days were missed either due to scheduled off days, rainouts and the occasional strike like in 1994 when the last game of the year was played earlier in August.


More results on August 26 in Yankees' history:

1923 - They lost 4-3 to the Indians. 1927 - They won 8-6 over Detroit. 1947 - They lost 4-3 to the St. Louis Browns. 1961 - They beat the Kansas City Athletics 5-1. 1978 - They beat Oakland 5-4. 1996 - The lost 2-1 to Seattle. 1998 - They split a doubleheader against Anaheim. They lost the first game 6-4 and won the second game 7-6. 2000 - They beat Oakland 10-6. 2005 - (This isn't significant for any reason other than the fact that I was at this game) They won 5-1 over the Royals thanks to two home runsby Bernie Williams.

And here's the list of MLBers who share my birthday. No one was born in 1974 with me but I am a year older than Morgan Ensberg and Elvis Andrus was born on my 14th birthday.

Rk Born
1 Elvis Andrus 1988
2 Greg Halman 1987
3 Ryan Brasier 1987
4 Brett Wallace 1986
5 Luis Marte 1986
6 Xavier Cedeno 1986
7 Darin Mastroianni 1985
8 David Price 1985
9 Eric Fryer 1985
10 Kyle Kendrick 1984
11 Jayson Nix 1982
12 Brendan Harris 1980
13 Charlie Zink 1979
14 Agustin Montero 1977
15 Allan Simpson 1977
16 Geoff Geary 1976
17 Alex Sanchez 1976
18 Morgan Ensberg 1975
19 Troy Mattes 1975
20 Mark Budzinski 1973
21 Ricky Bottalico 1969
22 Ken Grundt 1969
23 Brian Bark 1968
24 Victor Rosario 1966
25 Carlos Quintana 1965
26 Jeff Richardson 1965
27 Chad Kreuter 1964
28 Jeff Parrett 1961
29 Alex Trevino 1957
30 George Bjorkman 1956
31 Fred Wenz 1941
32 Al Silvera 1935
33 Tom Poholsky 1929
34 Frank Barnes 1926
35 Billy DeMars 1925
36 Alex Kellner 1924
37 Mike Naymick 1917
38 George Barnicle 1917
39 Adrian Zabala 1916
40 Heinz Becker 1915
41 Al Cuccinello 1914
42 Hank Helf 1913
43 Gene Moore 1909
44 Elmer Klumpp 1906
45 Axel Lindstrom 1895
46 Sparky Adams 1894
47 Jesse Barnes 1892
48 Bill Hopper 1891
49 Frank Allen 1888
50 Tom Drohan 1887
51 Mickey Corcoran 1882
52 Art Williams 1877
53 Chick Fraser 1873
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