Game 124: Game one of two against the Jays

The Yankees and Blue Jays are playing a separate admission doubleheader today. The afternoon game is a makeup game which resulted from a rainout on May 19. Things are a lot different now for the Yankees than they were back in May. For one thing, they now have Alfonso Soriano in their lineup and who saw that coming in May? (Truthfully, no one saw it coming in June either.) Alex Rodriguez and Curtis Granderson are also back in the lineup and since Alex's return, the Yankees have been averaging over five runs a game. Prior to his return they were averaging 3.8.

Things aren't that much different for the Blue Jays. On May 19, Yankees were in first place (26-17) and the Jays (17-26) were in last place. Now, the Yankees are in fourth place and the Jays are still in last place.

This is a series the Yankee need to win if they want to remain in the hunt for a playoff spot. They need to beat the teams they're supposed to beat and the Blue Jays fall into that category.

Here are your lineups:

BLUE JAYS Reyes SS Davis CF Bautista RF Encarnacion DH Lind 1B Lawrie 3B Izturis 2B Thole C Pillar LF

Rogers P

YANKEES Gardner CF Ichiro RF Cano 2B Soriano DH Rodriguez 3B Granderson LF Overbay 1B Nix SS Stewart C

The pitching matchup is Ivan Nova vs Esmil Rogers. Nova has been great since he returned to the rotation. Let's hope he keeps it up.

I was supposed to be at the game this afternoon but I am not feeling well so I stayed home. Now, as some of you know, I have had some bad luck at the Stadium this season but in recent weeks, us Sunday plan ticket holders have seen two walk offs in our last two games.

Will that particular winning streak continue today? We'll find out shortly.