8/18/83: The Pine Tar game ends

Thirty years ago today, the infamous Pine Tar game finally ended. You may recall that I posted a brief piece on the anniversary of the day it began but now here we are 25 days later and it's the anniversary of the game's end. After the umpires declared George Brett had too much pine tar on his bat, they called him out and the game ended. Kansas City protested, and it was actually upheld which meant the game had to be finished and it would be 5-4 with two outs in the top of the ninth.

Here's video of the resumption as it happened on August 18, 1983 (It's in the same YouTube video I had posted on 7/24 but I queued it up so it starts at the top of the ninth with two outs.)


If you'd like to read more about this wacky day in baseball history, Chris Jaffe of the Hardball Times does a great job of telling the story.