Pitch Tracking Dellin Betances

Yet again, Dellin Betances' call up to the Bronx was short. His rocky relief outing didn't help, but he did manage to show us a handful of impressive pitches. Betances' four-seam fastball was a little too predictable at times, but at 95 mph, the pitch should eventually be enough to set up his pitches. Betances doesn't appear to have the best mechanics, and the results show up in his pitches, with a number of different movement on his four-seam fastballs. Unfortunately, the PITCHf/x cameras were miscalibrated for his outing, but we can at least look at the pitches. betancesdebut


Both the green and red pitches here are four-seam fastballs, the blue pitch is a slider, and the magenta is another four-seam fastball with cutter-like movement at 98 mph. Good luck hitting that.