Angels 8, Yankees 4: The revenge of Chris Nelson

Well, three out of four isn't bad. And though it would have been nice to see a four-game sweep, at least the Yankees made it interesting in the bottom of the ninth, scoring three runs to cut the Angels lead to 8-4 but alas, all good things must come to an end.

Phil Hughes actually ended up with a "quality start" by definition: three runs in at least six innings but his performance once again was frustrating and his pitch count was high early.

The game actually got out of hand after Hughes had exited the game.

The bullpen - specifically Shawn Kelley, Boone Logan, and Joba Chamberlain - all gave up runs with Logan's outing being the one to break the game open. With the Yankees trailing 4-1, Logan surrendered a grand slam to Chris Nelson. Yes, that Chris Nelson, the one the Yankees DFA earlier this season. Amusingly enough that wasn't even Nelson's first home run of the day. Hughes also surrendered one to him earlier in the game - a solo shot.

The Yankees were the team to serve Nelson's first and second homers of the season. Good job, everyone!

Adam Warren was the only member of the bullpen who didn't give up a run this afternoon.

This game was so frustrating because it wasn't as if the Yankees couldn't get any hits off of C.J. Wilson it's just that whenever they had people on base, Vernon Wells would be the one stepping up to strand them. Of course, Wells decided that the bottom of the ninth in a game that was most likely going to result in a loss would be the perfect time to hit a two-run double. That double teased Yankee fans into thinking that maybe this team had something in them and that they could possibly tie the game in the ninth.

Unfortunately, Eduardo Nunez had other ideas and he grounded out to end the game.

I shouldn't put the blame solely on Wells' shoulders, Lyle Overbay was also pretty useless this afternoon. He finished 0-4 with two strikeouts.

Alfonso Soriano's home run streak ended and the slacker only hit four singles and collected one RBI. (Yes, that was sarcasm.) Robinson Cano had another multi-hit game, finishing with three and his average has once again reached the .300 mark for the season. Alex Rodriguez picked up two more hits and Nunez also finished with two hits.