Game 118: Can I get three in a row?

Mood music: BBC - JAY Z Good evening fellow Yankee fans.

I have some questions for you:

  • So you think this team can possibly win their third game in a row and build some much needed momentum?
  • Do you think CC Sabathia can build on his last start? (Yes, he hit a wall toward the end but his first few innings were strong.)
  • How much will Alex Rodriguez be booed tonight?
  • Is Joe Girardi crazy for sitting both Brett Gardner and Ichiro Suzuki and having Eduardo Nunez batting lead off?
  • Are the Angels really batting Chris Nelson fifth!?
  • Will tonight's Angels' starter, Jason Vargas, pitch to his norm at Yankee Stadium which is a 9.42 ERA in three starts? (Let's hope so.)
1. J.B. Shuck (L) LF
2. Collin Cowgill (R) RF
3. Mike Trout (R) CF
4. Mark Trumbo (R) 1B
5. Chris Nelson (R) 3B
6. Josh Hamilton (L) DH
7. Erick Aybar (S) SS
8. Chris Iannetta (R) C
1. Eduardo Nunez (R) SS
2. Alfonso Soriano (R) LF
3. Robinson Cano (L) 2B
4. Alex Rodriguez (R) DH
5. Vernon Wells (R) RF
7. Jayson Nix (R) 3B
8. Lyle Overbay (L) 1B
9. Austin Romine (R) C

I was taking a gander at the pitcher vs. batter matchups and Robinson Cano has a .444 BA against Vargas in 18 AB's. Curtis Granderson has 12 AB's against Vargas and has a .417 BA. Neither player has a home run against him. Do you know who has two home runs against Vargas? Vernon Wells but he also has a .167 BA in 12 at bats. Weird. Both Alfonso Soriano and Jayson Nix have 6 AB's against Vargas with Soriano batting .667 and Nix batting .500 with a home run and two RBI.

On the flip side, the batters in the Angels' lineup with the best numbers against Sabathia are Mark Trumbo who is hitting .400 in 10 AB's, Mike Trout who is .500 in six AB's and Collin Cowgill of all people who is batting .571 in seven AB's. The only guy in the Angels' lineup with a home run off CC is Josh Hamilton but in 15 AB's Hamilton is only batting .133 against Sabathia.

Join us for the game, won't you?

(Lineups courtesy of, matchup numbers thanks to MLB At Bat 13 on my phone.)