The All-Homegrown MLB

On August 6, Donnie Collins pondered what an entirely homegrown New York Yankees team would look like. It was an endlessly intriguing exercise, to say the least, which predictably led to an infinite amount of second-guessing and back-patting. Was there a lesson to be learned? That Brian Cashman is a genius? That the Yankees can't draft? That prospects are undervalued? I'm not quite sure. The clearest lesson, assuming it even is a lesson at all, is that the Yankees wouldn't be very good if they were entirely homegrown ... although, they likely would not be much worse than they are right now. But I digress. This article also, of course, led to a discussion regarding what other teams would look like under the same conditions. Are the Rays really that great at drafting? Have the Pirates and Marlins really traded away an All-Star team's worth of talent? And, from there, it led to one of the most repetitive bits of research I have ever constructed in preparing any non-legal bit of writing, in my quest to answer these questions ... by constructing entirely homegrown rosters for the other twenty-nine teams in Major League Baseball.

For the purposes of this piece, I attempted to use only those players that are currently on a Major League roster. However, I was forced to use a few players that have made a career of riding the shuttle from the Majors to the minors, as well as some prospects that are currently in the upper minors. It was, believe or not, difficult to construct these teams, as the development of talent in the game has not been close to equitable (credit xiavien). There are some interesting names missing here, as some teams have simply developed too much talent to fit onto a 25-man roster. And there are many names that are unknown to even the most hardcore of baseball fans.

So, without further ado, here is my attempt at constructing the All-Homegrown MLB.

Baltimore Orioles Starting PitchersErik BedardZach BrittonDylan BundyWei-Yin ChenKevin Gausman BullpenJake ArrietaPedro BeatoJason BerkenDavid HernandezJim JohnsonBrian MatuszKoji Uehara CatchersEli WhitesideMatt Wieters InfieldersPedro FlorimonMike FontenotJerry Hairston, Jr. • Manny MachadoBrian RobertsBrandon Snyder Outfielders • L. J. Hoes • Nick MarkakisNolan ReimoldHenry UrrutiaJayson Werth

The Orioles would maintain two of their four core pieces, in Wieters and Machado, yet they are completely devastated by the loss of Adam Jones and Chris Davis. Werth is a very solid addition, but, at this point in his career, he is not durable or consistent enough to make up for such a loss. Surprisingly, the pitching staff does not take too much of a hit, as it is roughly the same as the real Orioles prior to this season's trade deadline.

Boston Red Sox Starting PitchersClay BuchholzFelix Doubront • Jon Lester • Justin MastersonAnibal Sanchez BullpenDaniel BardRafael BetancourtMichael BowdenHideki OkajimaJonathan PapelbonJunichi TazawaBrandon Workman CatchersRyan LavarnwayKelly Shoppach InfieldersJose IglesiasJed LowrieDustin PedroiaHanley RamirezAnthony Rizzo OutfieldersJacoby EllsburyRyan KalishDavid MurphyDaniel NavaJosh Reddick Designated HitterBrandon Moss

For as long as I can remember, the Red Sox have been both praised for their ability to develop talent and maligned for their attempts to "buy" championships. This group, however, suggests that the former is a bit more accurate. Sure - the Red Sox have dealt away some sterling talent (particularly Hanley Ramirez and Anibal Sanchez) ... and yet the core to their successes in the last decade or so remains intact.

Tampa Bay Rays Starting PitchersAlex CobbJeremy HellicksonMatt MooreDavid PriceJames Shields BullpenAlex ColomeWade DavisChad GaudinJason HammelJake McGeeJeff NiemannJose Veras CatchersJohn JasoStephen Vogt InfieldersLeslie AndersonTim BeckhamReid BrignacDerek DietrichElliot JohnsonEvan Longoria OutfieldersCarl CrawfordJosh HamiltonDesmond JenningsB.J. Upton Designated HitterJonny Gomes

As strong as the Red Sox appear in this project, the Rays may be even better. The starting rotation takes the best parts of the past two seasons, the bullpen is as stout as ever, and the outfield is simply oozing talent - even with Hamilton and Upton seeing their performances crater this season. With the exception of Longoria, the infield is a bit impotent with the bat (albeit strong defensively) ... but I am sure Jonny Gomes can be taught first base.

Toronto Blue Jays Starting PitchersHenderson AlvarezRoy HalladayDrew HutchisonShaun MarcumRicky Romero BullpenBrett CecilTim CollinsDanny FarquharCasey JanssenAaron LoupBrandon LeagueMarc Rzepczynski CatchersJ.P. ArencibiaYan Gomes InfieldersAdeiny HechavarriaAaron HillCesar IzturisAdam LindRyan RobertsMichael Young OutfieldersReed JohnsonJake MarisnickAlex RiosTravis SniderVernon Wells

Developing starting pitching has long been a bugaboo for the Blue Jays, and this roster puts that into perspective. Halladay was, of course, one of the best starters of the 2000s (and may have something left in the tank for whomever gambles on him this offseason) ... and that's it. The outfield is kind of a nightmare, although there is some potential with Marisnick, and the infield is essentially the status quo from two seasons ago.

Chicago White Sox Starting PitchersMark BuehrleGio GonzalezDaniel HudsonBrandon McCarthyChris Sale BullpenMatt GuerrierNate JonesBoone LoganAddison ReedAndre RienzoBrian OmogrossoHector Santiago CatchersJosh PhegleyChris Stewart InfieldersBrandon AllenGordon BeckhamChris GetzBrent MorelMike MorseAlexei Ramirez OutfieldersChris CarterJordan DanksRyan SweeneyDayan ViciedoChris Young

It is difficult to imagine another team having a stronger group of pitching from the top of the rotation to the bottom of the bullpen. Even with Buehrle's regression, any team would be very happy to have him as their fifth starter, which is the role he is filling for these White Sox. And these White Sox need that stellar pitching to survive, as the offense is full of raw power and not much else.

Cleveland Indians Starting PitchersChris ArcherBartolo ColonJeremy GuthrieRoberto Hernandez (f/k/a Fausto Carmona) • CC Sabathia BullpenCody AllenJeanmar GomezC.C. LeeEdward MujicaVidal NunoVinnie PestanoTony Sipp CatchersChris GimenezVictor Martinez InfieldersLonnie ChisenhallJason KipnisJohn McDonaldJhonny PeraltaCord PhelpsMarco Scutaro OutfieldersJose ConstanzaTrevor CroweBen FranciscoManny Ramirez Designated HitterLuke Scott

Like their AL Central brethren, the Indians have a very strong pitching staff - although it is a bit on the older side. The team is strong behind the plate and in the infield, with upside in Chisenhall and Kipnis and steady veteran play in Peralta, Scutaro, and the miscast Martinez catching. The outfield, however, is almost laughably bad. It's somewhat difficult to imagine an actual team sporting such a horrendous group, though the Mets have come close at times this season.

Detroit Tigers Starting PitchersCasey CrosbyAndy OliverRick PorcelloJacob TurnerJustin Verlander BullpenCasey FienJason FrasorCharlie FurbushAndrew MillerFernando RodneyBruce RondonDrew Smyly CatchersAlex AvilaRob Brantly InfieldersJack HannahanOmar InfanteBrandon IngeRyan RaburnRamon Santiago OutfieldersBrennan BoeschAndy DirksCurtis GrandersonMatt JoyceCameron MaybinCody Ross

Detroit, like Boston and Tampa, would remain an excellent team. The rotation would certainly mourn the losses of Doug Fister and Anibal Sanchez, but this group is very young, and has a great deal of upside. The infield might be a problem, particularly if Inge or Raburn is slotted in at first - but I imagine Boesch could slide in there, and make the team look a bit more formidable, without hurting the outfield's terrific depth.

Kansas City Royals Starting PitchersDanny DuffyChris DwyerZack GreinkeLuke HochevarYordano Ventura BullpenJeremy AffeldtLouis ColemanAaron CrowKelvin HerreraGreg HollandJ.P. HowellEverett Teaford CatchersWil MyersSalvador Perez InfieldersMike AvilesMark EllisJohnny GiavotellaEric HosmerMike Moustakas OutfieldersCarlos BeltranDavid DeJesusJarrod DysonAlex GordonDavid Lough Designated HitterBilly Butler

This Royals team shows the mixed dividends that the "greatest farm system ever" has paid. On the one hand, this is very much the team that folks were expecting a couple of years ago - with Greinke and Beltran in tow. On the other hand, several of these players have not panned out as planned, and the rotation is held together with duct tape. The offense would definitely be exciting, and a one through nine of Gordon, Beltran, Hosmer, Myers (if he's in the outfield), Butler, Moustakas, Perez, Aviles, and Ellis would be tough to top.

Minnesota Twins Starting PitchersNick BlackburnMatt GarzaKyle GibsonLiam HendriksKevin Slowey BullpenGrant BalfourJesse CrainBrian DuensingLaTroy HawkinsJose MijaresPat NeshekGlen Perkins CatchersJoe MauerA.J. Pierzynski InfieldersBrian DozierTrevor PlouffeJustin MorneauMatt TolbertDanny Valencia OutfieldersOswaldo ArciaMichael CuddyerAaron HicksTorii HunterDenard Span Designated HitterJason Kubel

Has there ever been a more formidable catching duo than Mauer and Pierzynski? Or a less intimidating starting rotation? I am not sure, but I would be fairly shocked if the answer to both questions was anything other than 'no.' I quite like this team, and far more so than I felt I would when I first began constructing the roster. The rotation fits the 'pitch to contact' mold the Twins utilized in the post-Johan Santana era (who is not eligible for this team), but I feel that the offense could more than make up for that. And the outfield defense would be fantastic.

Houston Astros Starting PitchersJordan LylesBud NorrisRoy OswaltFelipe PaulinoWandy Rodriguez BullpenFernando AbadMatt AlbersJose CisneroDallas KeuchelChia-Jen LoTroy PattonChad Qualls CatchersJohn BuckJason Castro InfieldersJose AltuveLance BerkmanChris JohnsonTommy ManzellaDrew SuttonBen Zobrist OutfieldersBrandon BarnesBrian BogusevicHunter PenceJ.B. ShuckGeorge Springer

It was difficult to leave Johan Santana off of this team, as it is a nice bit of trivia, but the Astros staff is fairly strong without him - and he has only thrown 117 IP since the end of the 2010 season, but who's counting? Adding Zobrist is a boon for this team, as he can slot in at shortstop or left field (two areas where the team is weak). Bringing back Berkman and Pence makes the offense good-not-great, and fairly top heavy.

Los Angeles Angels Starting PitchersTyler ChatwoodPatrick CorbinJohn LackeyErvin SantanaJered Weaver BullpenKevin JepsenMichael KohnNick Maronde • Darren O’Day • Garrett RichardsFrancisco RodriguezJordan Walden CatchersHank CongerJeff Mathis InfieldersErick AybarAlberto CallaspoHowie KendrickMike NapoliSean RodriguezJean Segura OutfieldersAlexi AmaristaPeter BourjosMike TroutMark Trumbo Designated HitterKendrys Morales

Having Lackey and Santana in this rotation looks a great deal better now than it would have if this list was made a year ago, giving the team a potent rotation. On the offensive side of the ball, the offense is both deep and talented ... and not all that different from the current Angels lineup, given Albert Pujols' injury and DL stint. Having Aybar to serve as a utility man is almost an embarrassment of riches, to boot.

Oakland A’s Starting PitchersTrevor CahillA.J. GriffinTim HudsonDan StrailyBarry Zito BullpenAndrew BaileyJared BurtonSantiago CasillaSean DoolittleJoel PeraltaHuston StreetRyan Webb CatchersGerald LairdKurt Suzuki InfieldersEric ChavezGrant GreenCliff PenningtonOmar QuintanillaNick SwisherJemile Weeks OutfieldersYoenis CespedesMichael ChoiceAndre EthierRyan Ludwick Designated HitterJason Giambi

The A's are yet another team with a terrific outfield, trotting out Swisher, Cespedes, and a platoon of Ludwick and Ethier. And, utilized properly, I am sure the group's offensive output would make up for its questionable defense. The rotation is not as strong as most would suspect for an A's team, but it is more than serviceable (particularly in that ballpark). Constructing this team served as a fine reminder that a great deal of the A's young talent tends to come from other teams - Brett Anderson (Diamondbacks), Gio Gonzalez (White Sox and Phillies), and Carlos Gonzalez (Diamondbacks) all got their start elsewhere.

Seattle Mariners Starting PitchersDoug FisterFelix HernandezHisashi IwakumaBrandon MorrowChris Tillman BullpenCarter CappsShawn KelleyYoervis Medina • Eric O’Flaherty • J.J. PutzRafael SorianoMatt Thornton CatchersRene RiveraMike Zunino InfieldersDustin AckleyWillie BloomquistAsdrubal CabreraNick FranklinBrad MillerKyle Seager OutfieldersShin-Soo ChooRaul IbanezAdam JonesIchiro Suzuki Designated HitterDavid Ortiz

Raise your hand if you remembered that Ortiz's first professional organization was the Mariners. Anyone? I know I didn't. With Ortiz, Choo, and Jones around, this offense looks fantastic. If Ortiz can fake first, allowing Ibanez to DH, it looks even more potent. Bringing back the new-and-improved Fister gives the Mariners a fantastic one-two-three punch with Hernandez and Iwakuma, and Morrow and Tillman have long shown flashes of brilliance. And, as has been the case with most every team, the bullpen is deep and strong.

Texas Rangers Starting PitchersYu DarvishR.A. DickeyDerek HollandMartin PerezC.J. Wilson BullpenJoaquin BenoitScott FeldmanTommy HunterDarren OliverJoe OrtizRobbie RossTanner Scheppers CatchersMike NickeasTaylor Teagarden InfieldersEdwin EncarnacionLeury GarciaIan KinslerMike OltJurickson ProfarMark Teixeira OutfieldersJulio BorbonChris Davis • Graig Gentry • Leonys MartinJohn Mayberry

This infield is simply unfair - even with Encarnacion's struggles at third base - and having Encarnacion, Teixeira, and Davis batting in the heart of the order is enviable. The outfield is not as strong as most would expect, particularly with the Rangers' history of player development, but it is not bad, and it should be strong defensively. Bringing Dickey and Wilson helps the Rangers maintain their strong rotation, although it does not improve it as the names may suggest.

Atlanta Braves Starting PitchersBrandon BeachyMatt HarrisonMike MinorJulio TeheranAdam Wainwright BullpenLuis AvilanMatt BelisleBruce ChenNeftali FelizJ.J. HooverCraig KimbrelKris Medlen CatchersBrian McCannJarrod Saltalamacchia InfieldersElvis AndrusFreddie FreemanKelly JohnsonMartin PradoAndrelton Simmons OutfieldersGregor BlancoJeff FrancoeurEvan GattisJason HeywardJordan SchaferJoey Terdoslavich

Adding Messrs Harrison and Wainwright to an already strong rotation is a boon for these Braves, and the bullpen becomes even better by adding Medlen as a swingman and Feliz and Hoover as the bridge to Kimbrel. The outfield is a weakness, as Heyward is likely the only everyday player out there, but the offense the team will have on an everyday basis behind the plate should make up for that. Defensively, this could be the best middle infield ever, with Simmons playing short and Andrus shifting over to second - and I don't believe that that's hyperbole.

Miami Marlins Starting PitchersJosh BeckettJose FernandezJosh JohnsonAlex SanabiaJason Vargas BullpenRonald BelisarioSteve CishekDan JenningsChris LerouxEdgar OlmosA.J. RamosChris Resop CatchersBrett HayesKyle Skipworth InfieldersRobert AndinoMiguel CabreraMatt DominguezAdrian GonzalezGaby SanchezJosh Wilson OutfieldersLogan MorrisonMarcell OzunaGiancarlo StantonJosh WillinghamChristian Yelich

Is Cabrera-Gonzalez-Stanton that best 3-4-5 tandem thus far? Definitely. Would it be the best in the current MLB? Probably. Does this prove that the Marlins really do sell off everything? Most likely - although, Adrian Gonzalez did not truly become Adrian Gonzalez until after the Marlins and Rangers let him walk. In terms of pitching, this team is strong (although injury prone), and having 1-2-3 of Fernandez, Beckett, and Johnson would be a great time for fans of raw stuff and velocity.

New York Mets Starting PitchersA.J. BurnettDillon GeeMatt HarveyScott KazmirJonathon Niese BullpenHeath BellJosh EdginJeurys FamiliaMatt LindstromJenrry MejiaBobby ParnellJoe Smith CatchersFrancisco PenaJosh Thole InfieldersMike CarpIke DavisDaniel MurphyJose ReyesTy WiggintonDavid Wright OutfieldersEndy ChavezNelson CruzLucas DudaCarlos GomezAngel Pagan

The Mets outfield has been in shambles for what seems like an eternity, and it appears as though some of that was their own doing. Is it fair to blame the Mets, then? I do not believe so, as Cruz was passed around like a hot potato for years prior to busting out with the Rangers, and Gomez did help them reel in Johan Santana (and, like Cruz, did take awhile to break out). That being said, hindsight is bliss in this exercise, and the Mets have lost out on one of the best all-around teams thus far.

Philadelphia Phillies Starting PitchersJarred CosartCole HamelsJ.A. HappKyle KendrickVance Worley BullpenAntonio BastardoJake DiekmanBrett MyersJosh OutmanJoe SaveryAlfredo SimonBrad Ziegler CatchersCarlos RuizSebastian Valle InfieldersCody AscheFreddy GalvisRyan HowardNick PuntoJimmy RollinsChase Utley OutfieldersMichael BournDomonic BrownMarlon ByrdDarin RufMichael Taylor

The Phillies current roster is mostly homegrown, which is somewhat to their detriment as Howard, Rollins, and Utley battle the hazards of age. The outfield is fairly strong, and it could be fun as a poor excuse to revive the 'Killer B's' nickname, and the offense as a whole is more good than bad. On the mound, however, the Philles do not look much better than passable. Having Cosart does give them a (potentially) dangerous duo at the front of the rotation.

Washington Nationals Starting PitchersRoss DetwilerTommy MiloneCliff LeeStephen StrasburgJordan Zimmermann BullpenDrew StorenMarco EstradaJim HendersonJohn LannanYunesky MayaBrad PeacockCraig Stammen CatchersDerek Norris • Jhonathan Solano InfieldersIan DesmondDanny EspinosaTyler MooreBrandon PhillipsAnthony RendonRyan Zimmerman OutfieldersJason BayRoger BernadinaBryce HarperJustin MaxwellGrady Sizemore

Cliff Lee, Stephen Strasburg, and Jordan Zimmermann. Wow. An infield of Zimmerman at first, Phillips, Rendon, and Desmond would be young and very good, and the outfield still has Harper (and not much else, barring a minor miracle with Sizemore). I don't know if the offense would be more than average, but I don't think it would need to be in order to win a lot of games.

Chicago Cubs Starting PitchersAndrew CashnerJon GarlandKyle LohseRicky NolascoJeff Samardzija BullpenAl AlburquerqueJerry BlevinsScott DownsRich HillCarlos MarmolSean MarshallJames Russell CatchersJose MolinaGeovany Soto InfieldersDarwin BarneyStarlin CastroRonny CedenoJosh DonaldsonHak-Ju LeeJosh Vitters OutfieldersTony CampanaTyler ColvinSam FuldBrett JacksonJunior Lake

Now this is a bad team. There's some young talent in Cashner and Castro (and, possibly, Vitters, Jackson, and Lake) ... but these Cubs would be in the running for the first pick of the draft, with its average rotation appearing to be its greatest strength. This makes Theo Epstein's slash-and-burn rebuild seem all the more necessary.

Cincinnati Reds Starting PitchersHomer BaileyTony CingraniJohnny CuetoMike LeakeTravis Wood BullpenBrad BoxbergerAroldis ChapmanJeremy HorstSam LeCureLogan OndrusekJosh RoenickePedro Villarreal CatchersYasmani GrandalDevin Mesoraco InfieldersZack CozartJuan FranciscoTodd FrazierDidi GregoriusAdam RosalesJoey Votto OutfieldersJay BruceChris DenorfiaAdam DunnChris HeiseyDrew Stubbs

These Reds might be the most true to life group in this exercise, which is a testament to their underrated player development. Having Dunn back in left is a fun mental image, and his defense might give back more than his offense creates at this point in his career - but platooning him with a lefty-masher like Stubbs would mitigate his weaknesses significantly. The rotation is very young and very good, and the bullpen could still be a strength.

Milwaukee Brewers Starting PitchersHiram BurgosMike FiersYovani GallardoJake OdorizziWily Peralta BullpenMike AdamsCraig BreslowTim DillardManny ParraJoe ThatcherTyler ThornburgTom Wilhelmsen CatchersEric FryerJonathan Lucroy InfieldersAlcides EscobarPrince FielderJ.J. HardyBrett LawrieRickie Weeks OutfieldersNorichika AokiMichael BrantleyRyan BraunLorenzo CainCaleb GindlCorey Hart

The Brewers are essentially the team we watched a couple of years ago, with a very strong offense and very little pitching. The bullpen would be stronger than ever, though, and bringing back Odorizzi injects a bit of upside into the rotation.

Pittsburgh Pirates Starting PitchersBronson ArroyoGerrit ColeBrandon CumptonPaul MaholmJameson Taillon BullpenVic BlackMike GonzalezTom GorzelannyJared HughesBrad LincolnTony WatsonDuke Welker CatchersRyan DoumitTony Sanchez InfieldersPedro AlvarezJeff KeppingerJordy MercerSteve PearceAramis RamirezNeil Walker OutfieldersJose BautistaRajai DavisStarling MarteAndrew McCutchenNate McLouth

If the NL had a DH, the Pirates offense would be the best in all of baseball - Bautista at third, Alvarez at first, Ramirez at DH, and a strict platoon of Davis and McLouth in right would be stellar. As it stands, it is merely excellent, with McCutchen, Marte, and Bautista leading the way from the outfield. The rotation is headlined by potential studs in Cole and Taillon, with Arroyo and Maholm (and possibly Gorzelanny) eating innings behind them.

St. Louis Cardinals Starting PitchersJaime GarciaDan HarenLance LynnShelby MillerMichael Wacha BullpenLuke GregersonJoe KellySeth ManessJason MotteChris PerezTrevor RosenthalKevin Siegrist CatchersTony CruzYadier Molina InfieldersMatt AdamsMatt CarpenterDaniel DescalsoAlbert PujolsBrendan RyanSkip Schumaker OutfieldersAllen CraigCoco CrispJon JayColby RasmusShane Robinson

As was the case with the Reds, the current Cardinals are very much a homegrown team. Bringing back Pujols and the resurgent Rasmus adds more power into the fold, and the gloves of Crisp and Rasmus would help make up for Craig's mediocre defense in the outfield. The rotation is not as strong as I imagined it would be, though Rosenthal could always be shifted into the rotation at Haren's expense.

Arizona Diamondbacks Starting PitchersBrett AndersonJorge De La RosaWade MileyJarrod ParkerMax Scherzer BullpenJosh CollmenterRyan CookEury De La RosaTommy LayneJavier LopezRoss OhlendorfBryan Shaw CatchersMiguel MonteroChris Snyder InfieldersStephen DrewJake ElmorePaul GoldschmidtLyle OverbayMark ReynoldsDan Uggla OutfieldersCarlos GonzalezScott HairstonGerardo ParraCarlos QuentinJustin Upton

Has every team lost out on a fantastic outfield? It certainly looks that way. The infield would be fun to watch, for comedic value, with Drew, Reynolds, and Uggla all ranging between "awful" and "well below-average" at their respective positions. Even so, this team has a ton of raw power, and a young rotation headlined by a Cy Young candidate in Scherzer. It also has Matt Davidson and Chris Owings waiting in the wings should Reynolds and Drew not be up to snuff.

Colorado Rockies Starting PitchersJhoulys ChacinJeff FrancisUbaldo JimenezJuan NicasioJake Westbrook BullpenLuis AyalaRex BrothersMatt ReynoldsEsmil RogersRob ScahillPedro StropJamey Wright CatchersChris Iannetta • Wil Rosario InfieldersNolan ArenadoClint BarmesEverth CabreraTodd HeltonTroy TulowitzkiJuan Uribe OutfieldersDexter FowlerMatt HollidayJuan PierreSeth SmithEric Young, Jr.

Even with Helton being a shell of his former self, this is a sneaky good offense, with Cabrera causing havoc on the basebaths and Holliday returning to the heart of the order. As is the norm with Colorado, the rotation is shaky - though, Westbrook's worm burning ways would help out quite a bit, particularly with a strong defense behind him.

Los Angeles Dodgers Starting PitchersNathan EovaldiEdwin JacksonClayton KershawHiroki KurodaHyun-Jin Ryu BullpenJonathan BroxtonJoel HanrahanKenley JansenBryan MorrisPaco RodriguezJoakim SoriaChris Withrow CatchersRussell MartinCarlos Santana InfieldersAdrian Beltre • Ivan DeJesus • Blake DeWittDee GordonPaul KonerkoScott Van Slyke OutfieldersAlejandro De AzaFranklin GutierrezMatt KempYasiel PuigShane Victorino

The Dodgers are absolutely stacked in the bullpen, behind the plate, and in the outfield. That is not to say that the rotation is not up to snuff - far from it, in fact, as Kershaw, Kuroda, Ryu, Jackson, and Eovaldi all have quite a bit to offer. Rather, it is simply insane that the team has three or four relievers capable of closing, either Martin or Santana backing up at catcher, and a De Aza/Gutierrez combo backing up in the outfield.

San Diego Padres Starting PitchersCorey KluberMat LatosCory LuebkeJake PeavyBurch Smith BullpenSteve DelabarErnesto FrieriBrandon KintzlerOliver PerezCesar RamosDale ThayerNick Vincent CatchersNick HundleyGeorge Kottaras InfieldersKyle BlanksLogan ForsytheDavid FreeseJedd GyorkoAndy ParrinoEric Sogard OutfieldersMike BaxterJaff DeckerChase HeadleyBlake TekotteWill Venable

Offense would still be hard to come by for this Padres team, with the only real additions being Freese and Kottaras. Luckily, the rotation becomes better, with Latos and Peavy capable of performing at an above-average rate in any ballpark, and the bullpen remains strong.

San Francisco Giants Starting PitchersMadison BumgarnerMatt CainTim LincecumFrancisco LirianoZack Wheeler BullpenDavid AardsmaJake DunningJason GrilliJoe NathanSergio RomoCarlos VillanuevaBrian Wilson CatchersBuster PoseyYorvit Torrealba InfieldersBrandon CrawfordKevin FrandsenTravis IshikawaBrett PillCody RansomPablo Sandoval OutfieldersBrandon BeltRoger KieschnickThomas NealFrancisco PegueroNate Schierholtz

The Giants outfield very nearly matched the Indians in futility, and having Belt in that unit is only a superficial improvement to the team, as first base is relegate to an Ishikawa/Pill platoon. This offense is not very good, though Posey, Sandoval, Belt, and Schierholtz (at least this year's version) give the Giants some legitimate hitters for the top of the order. And, as is the Giants way, the pitching is a tremendous strength - even with a declining Lincecum and a shaky Cain.

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