Game 115: Dear Phil

Hughes vs LAD Dear Phil,

I like you and I really want you to succeed. In order to that today, you'll have to keep the Detroit Tigers from hitting a boat load of home runs in Yankee Stadium. Now, in a lot of cases, when people expect the worst, things actually work out okay. So can you have that happen today? Can you shut them down and shock the hell out of us all? Because that would be really great.

You actually have done pretty well against the Tigers in the past and have held them to a .250 BA at Yankee Stadium. You have given up three home runs in 52 at bats. You've also held them to a .278 OBP and .423 slugging percentage.

You are capable of keeping them at bay. So please try. Let's build on last night's win. It feels like the Yankees haven't won back-to-back games in about three years. Actually, it hasn't happened in about a month - since July 11 and July 12 against the Royals and Twins.

Anyway, good luck today. Knock 'em dead and please try to keep Miguel Cabrera from rounding the bases three times.

Thanks! Stacey