Frustration is the name of the game for Yankee fans in 2013

Watching the Yankees play this year has been pure torture and it's not only because they're not very good, it's also because they're just so frustrating to watch. They're also infuriating, annoying, irksome, bothersome and vexatious.

Remember the days when the offense could score at will and home runs were flying off bats at a torrid pace? Oh, right, that hasn't really happened this season. I must be thinking of seasons past when people would cry about the Yankees hitting too many home runs. What I wouldn't give for just one or two in a game these days...

This year's Yankees squad - boring, lifeless and stagnant - has now lost two games to the Chicago White Sox and have been held to two runs or fewer 40 times this season and they've scored three or fewer runs in seven straight games.

That's just dreadful.

Guys will get on base and they'll be stranded. Even runners who get to third base with no outs should expect to stay there, hanging out with Robby Thompson because they almost never score and when they do, it's too late to actually rally because it's the top of the ninth and the bottom of the lineup is coming to bat.

And not only is the offense boring and awful, the starting rotation, the thing that was supposed to be a strength for this team is falling apart. The rotation is made up of Hiroki Kuroda, Ivan Nova and three guys who are pretty much guaranteed losers when they step on the mound these days. Those three guys, CC Sabathia, Andy Pettitte and Phil Hughes, can't get anyone out, give up a boatload of hits and runs and always put the lifeless Yankees offense in an insurmountable hole.

One positive on this team, so far, has been the bullpen. And it has to be good with the way Sabathia, Pettitte and Hughes have been pitching. Plus, David Robertson and Mariano Rivera are their usual, awesome selves. Thank goodness.

And poor Mo. He had to retire this year? What an awful sendoff he's getting. But hey, he has 35 saves already which is great considering how terrible the team has been since the end of April.

It's gotten to the point where I dread watching games and the only guys I can stand to watch are Hiroki Kuroda, Ivan Nova and Mariano Rivera. That's it. I only like watching pitchers and one of them hadn't even been in the rotation most of the season.

And it's too soon to tell what Alex Rodriguez will bring to the table -- two games isn't enough of a picture -- but at least he's getting on base. It would just be nice if someone could score him.

I know I'm sounding like a whiny and petulant child right now and that as a Yankee fan, I've been lucky enough to witness a lot of cool things in the past 20 years or so but my goodness, the team fell off a cliff! I know they weren't supposed to be great this season but I was not expecting this much of a nosedive. It's truly unbelievable to watch and doesn't usually happen to the team from the Bronx.

The offense is so bad that it ranks near the bottom in the league in most of the major categories, the run differential is worse than the 1992 squad and the 2013 team, if it continues on this trend, has the chance to be the worst in the history of this ballclub.


So what do you find most frustrating about this team? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.