Dear Scott Miller, Please log off.

I will not be posting a link to Scott Miller of CBS Sports’ Alex Rodriguez diatribe written yesterday, which has been spreading like wildfire mainly because it’s ridiculous and over the top even for Miller. (Feel free to search for it yourselves if you haven’t already had the pleasure of reading it.) But I did want to talk about it because, well, frankly he made an ass out of himself. And it’s not like this is the first time Scott Miller has written something silly that people are making fun of him and calling him out on it - that sort of thing seems to happen a lot with Miller. If you did happen to read it, you would have noticed that Scott Miller is very angry with Alex Rodriguez. It's almost as if Rodriguez were charged with the murder of someone in Miller's family and it's as if at any moment, Miller is going to brandish a firearm, run down the aisle of the courtroom and shoot Alex on sight.

If you haven't read it yet and if you choose to do so, you'll probably sit there shaking your head and gasping a couple of times at Miller's choice of words and you more than likely will be amazed by what you've just read - and not in a good way - mainly because all Scott Miller is really doing is making himself seem like someone who is out on a 24-hour break from the psychiatric ward of a hospital and not a sportswriter who actually gets paid to write for a major sports network's website.

My biggest problem with Miller's extreme anger and sanctimony in regards to Alex Rodriguez's recent transgressions is the following passage, more specifically, the part I have italicized for you:

“Nobody has been more disingenuous than this mutt. Maybe it’s his mammoth insecurity complex. Maybe it’s his enormous capacity for self-delusion. Maybe it’s daddy issues for a man who was raised by a single mother. You could put a battalion of psychologists on the case that would out-number his lawyers and still fail to come up with an answer.”

I'll let you read it again and soak it in. Okay, now, what's wrong with that passage? Oh, a lot of things.

First of all, Miller has simultaneously insulted both single moms and the children who have been raised by them. Newsflash Scott, our current President was raised by a single mother.

Also, having "daddy issues" as Miller so eloquently stated, isn't exclusive to being raised by a single mother. People who have been raised in seemingly idyllic, two parent, 2.5 children families can also have daddy issues.

And going back to the passage, but not to a section that was italicized, maybe Scott Miller himself should see a battalion of psychologists. It seems he has a lot of anger he needs to work out.

In fact, mine had me do this exercise once where I pictured someone I was really angry with at the time in my mind as one of those blow-up clowns - the kind that you hit and they bounce back at you, taunting you with their smile. The point of the exercise was to get my anger and aggression out without doing anything other than using my mind to do it. So I sat in my therapist's office and after just one 10-minute exercise, I felt so much relief from the tension I was feeling toward that person. My therapist noticed a chance in me right away.

Seeing a therapist isn't a bad thing, it doesn't make someone weak and actually can work wonders for people. For me, seeing someone helped me feel more empowered and it enabled me to stand up for myself.

Maybe Scott Miller could do the same and just sit in a room, in silence, picturing A-Rod as that blow-up clown instead of writing the garbage he wrote yesterday.