In which I rant about this Biogenesis kerfuffle

I'm not a lawyer and I definitely don't play one on the internet. Unlike a lot of my fellow baseball bloggers who actually attended law school, took the bar and even dabbled in trial work, the extent of my "practicing law" occurred over 20 years ago when I took a mock bar exam as a senior in high school and passed on the second try; I was also a prosecuting attorney in a mock trial for that same class and won my case but that's about as far as my knowledge or understanding of the law goes. So you can imagine when it comes to the Biogenesis mess how I'm almost completely lost.

And can you blame me or others like me who sit here day after day wondering what on God's green earth is going on?

The information that seems to only come out in drips and drabs of late -- and is usually leaked to the media -- is so confusing to someone like me who made it out of college with a degree in broadcasting.

It's also frustrating because it seems as if MLB and more specifically, commissioner Bud Selig, have no idea what the hell they are doing. Maybe it's because they're all as confused as we are?

Anyway, here are the many questions going through my mind at the moment regarding this whole Biogenesis mess:

  • So whose fault is it that we are all confused about this "scandal" and that most of us haven't a clue as to what's actually happening?
  • Is it MLB's fault for getting into bed with a scumbag who needed his legal bills paid?
  • Is it MLB's fault for having a drug program that clearly isn't working so well and that these "users' were only caught because of a newspaper's investigation?
  • Is it MLB's fault saying one thing and then doing the opposite for about two months now? (We first about possible suspensions in early June. It's now early August and the announcements are still being delayed. Why?)
  • And why does it also seem like the other players involved in this mess are just collateral damage because MLB and Bud Selig only want Alex Rodriguez's head served on a platter?
  • Why do this in the middle of the season when you can't get your act together?
  • Why not wait until the offseason so you can get all of your information together and be able to present it in a tidy manner?

This morning, I read that suspensions were going to be announced at noon today. Then a little while later, I read that it was going to be pushed back to 3 p.m.

I think I speak for many people when I say, 'JUST GET IT OVER WITH ALREADY AND STOP DELAYING THE OBVIOUS.'

I'm so sick of this whole thing.