Thursday Morning Post-Deadline Musings

Big win last night, scheduled off-day today, really weak trade deadline, the A-Rod/Selig saga continues.  Lot to talk about right now.  Let's muse, shall we? - Last night's game was one of those games that, despite everything sensible in your brain telling you not to, makes you think this team could make a run in the final 2 months.  Totally overmatched by Clayton Kershaw through 8, then did just enough in the 9th to give themselves a chance.  A fortunate call here, a bad defensive play there, suddenly it's "exit light, enter night" and Kuroda gets a win he really deserved (no he didn't. Just realized that. Poor guy).  It was a win they shouldn't have gotten and it came in the fashion that harks back to the cliche "Yankee magic" wins of years past, at least for me it did.  Just 3 back in the Wild Card race, baby!

- And how about Hiroki Kuroda last night?  He hasn't been in New York for much more than a season and a half and I'm already running out of things to say about the guy.  He's just an absolute gamer, the coolest, calmest, baddest MFer out there on the mound and he always seems to be at his best in the biggest matchups.  He stood toe to toe with arguably the best pitcher on the planet last night, on said pitcher's home field, and he beat him.  I voted Cano the MVP for our IIATMS/TYA mid-season awards, but Kuroda has been outstanding this season and he's starting to sway my end-of-season vote.

- The scrappy win and dominant start by Kuroda make me look back on what turned out to be a painfully slow and boring, and ultimately inactive, trade deadline day for the Yankees and wonder just what exactly they were doing.  Cash had to know he needed more bats than just Alfonso Soriano, and after weeks of "aggressively pushing" Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain he never ended up getting close to any deal for them.  I was supportive of both buying and selling in the right situations.  The only thing I didn't want to see was nothing and that's what we got.  To be stuck in the MLB no man's land between contending and rebuilding like the Yankees are and not make a move towards either end makes no sense to me.

- Although in fairness to Cash, it didn't come as a shock that nobody was interested in Hughes and only the Braves put out a late, half-hearted feeler on him.  Hughes absolutely killed his trade value in his final 2 starts, putting all the things that have held him back on full display and giving his manager 2 chances to quick hook him.  In a way, he may have actually done both himself and the Yankees a favor by pitching poorly when he did.  He's still young and teams still see him as a guy who can be better outside of YS3.  Somebody is going to make him an offer this offseason, even if it's just something like 3 years/$30 mil, and he's going to take it.  If the Yankees follow through on their plan, they'll get another 1st round pick out of the deal and that's likely more valuable than whatever they would have gotten back for Hughes yesterday.  Everybody wins.

- I dont know about everybody else, but I really wanted Michael Morse yesterday.  More righty power, can platoon at first base, DH, and fake it in right if they needed it, and with the down year he's had they would have been buying low, at minimal prospect value, for a guy set to become a free agent after this season.  Seems like the perfect fit.

- Little disappointing to hear the news this morning that A-Rod may make a deal with MLB.  I was really looking forward to seeing that thing go all the way up the court system and drag on for years and years, if for no other reason than to delay Bud's satisfaction of nailing A-Rod to the cross.  It's already been discussed plenty but here's my quick thing on the whole situation.  Is Alex Rodriguez a liar, a cheater, an idiot, and bad at being all of those things?  Yes he is.  Does he deserved to be punished if everything in the case MLB has against him is true?  Absolutely.  Is the way MLB is going about punishing him completely unfair?  100%.

- Back to baseball, I don't want to start banging the drum for a backup catcher too much, but when is Joe going to start giving more PT to Austin Romine?  Chris Stewart has already caught more games and more innings than he has since his last full MiL seasons 3-4 years ago.  He just dragged his butt through a .199 wOBA month of July, his worst of the season.  Whether it's a suspension or his lingering elbow problems, Frankie Cervelli isn't coming back this season.  Give Romine some more run, Joe.  You've got nothing to lose.

- Derek Jeter getting pulled for a pinch runner in the 9th last night was a little strange.  Even as a 39-year-old with bad wheels, the idea of Jeter getting pulled for a pinch runner doesn't sound right.

- How high do we set the panic meter for CC if he comes out this weekend and throws another stinker?  Petco is still a pitcher's park even with the modifications and the Padres are not a very deep or powerful lineup.  Another 7-run affair against this crew and I'm starting to feel real uncomfortable about the big guy.