Quick hits: A-Rod, Granderson and Cervelli updates, oh my!

http://twitter.com/BryanHoch/status/362673040246587392 Hmm.

Maybe the Yankees won't say where Alex Rodriguez is playing on Friday because Bud Selig is going to schedule him for execution by firing squad that morning. That's the punishment they're going to give him, right?


If all goes well, Curtis Granderson can join the Yankees in San Diego on Friday. Hooray!


Doesn't look like Francisco Cervelli will be back anytime soon. He's still having issues. Plus, he's said to be involved in that whole Biogenesis thing though I'm pretty sure, he wouldn't be handed over to the same firing squad as A-Rod.


Oh wait, it's even worse for Cervelli if he's seeing Dr. Andrews.

Ah, the 2013 season: Pride, lack of power, and numerous doctor visits.