MLB prepared to ban Alex Rodriguez for life

arodbudReports have come out saying that Alex Rodriguez could be banned by baseball for life. I really wish they would just do it already. The latest reports are saying the players involved with the Biogenesis clinic will be suspended either Thursday or Friday. Why wait? Just do it Thursday and stop dragging this out. It's gone on long enough.

Along with the reports about the "hammer being dropped" on Rodriguez, there is also an article from Newsday saying that Alex will fight any suspension handed out.

A source close to Rodriguez said, "I don't think Alex Rodriguez is riding off into the sunset. Obviously, everybody knew something was coming. The game plan for him has always been the same [referring to an appeal]. Alex did not fail a drug test."

Another interesting quote from the Newsday article talks about Alex returning from his second hip surgery and how easy it could have been for him to walk away:

"He didn't have to go through any of this, this year. He could have walked away in April and gotten paid. He had a very bad hip injury. If he wanted to play it out it wouldn't have been a charade . . . Why go through all this? Because he wants to play. He's got something to prove. If he's not guilty and he walks away with $100 million [by claiming disability] everyone thinks he's guilty. He's not going to be happy. Nobody would."

It looks like Rodriguez went to the Roger Clemens school of denial.

The next few days and weeks are going to be quite interesting.