Game 100: Just win, please

My apologies, I was so confused by the 7:05 P.M. start time last night that I began to write this post and scheduled it to run at 6:25 then went to eat dinner and forgot that I scheduled it, all the while, leaving it blank. Oops.

Well, here we are at the 100th game mark and boy oh boy, has this season been weird.

We have injuries galore, an offensive offense, CC Sabathia is giving up home runs like he's Phil Hughes - who happens to be tonight's starter - and Alex Rodriguez may be banned from baseball for life.

Tonight, the Yankees are playing their second game out of four in Arlington this week. Last night, there were held to just three hits by Yu Darvish and his bullpen.

What will this evening's contest bring?

I'm predicting the Yankees offense will be shut down by Alexi Ogando and that poor Hughes will pitch well enough to win, if he were on another team, with a different and better offense. Much like every other Yankee starter.  

Here are the lineups:

RANGERS Kinsler 2B Profar 3B Cruz RF A Beltre DH Pierzynski C Andrus SS Moreland 1B Gentry CF E Beltre LF

YANKEES Gardner CF Ichiro RF Cano 2B Overbay 1B Wells DH Nunez SS Lillibridge 3B Mesa LF Romine C