Game 99: Messin' with Texas

(Or, hoping not to get messed up in Texas.) After last night's frustrating loss to the Red Sox the Yankees are now down in Arlington, Texas to play four games against the Rangers. I will not make any predictions about what will happen other than to say that my prediction is similar to Clubber Lang's in Rocky III.


Here are your lineups for tonight:

YANKEES Gardner CF Ichiro RF Cano 2B Overbay 1B Wells LF Hafner DH Nunez SS Stewart C Cruz 3B

TEXAS Kinsler 2B Moreland 1B Cruz RF Beltre 3B Pierzynski DH Andrus SS Murphy LF Soto C Martin CF

The pitching matchup is Yu Darvish vs Ivan Nova. Nova has been great since coming back from his sojourn in the Minors so hopefully the break didn't mess with him and Darvish is making his first post-All Star start after being on the DL with a trapezius issue. No offense to him but I hope the break from pitching messed with him, just a little bit.

Go Yankees!