A-Rod will be back Monday

The reports had already come out saying that Alex Rodriguez would be returning to the Yankees' on Monday in Arlington, Texas - barring any setbacks of course - but now, it has been reported by Rodriguez himself. Alex appeared on Mike Francesa's show on WFAN and in a 10-minute interview, he spoke about how happy he is with his progress, how much that progression has happened in a short amount of time - he specifically mentioned how he's able to drive the ball a lot better than he had been as recently as last week. He also spoke about watching his team play this season and how even though he's a player, he's also a baseball fan.

He specifically mentioned listening to John (Sterling) and Suzyn (Waldman) which I found pretty amusing but made me happy in a way. Derek Jeter admitted to not watching a lot of baseball while he was coming back from his injury.

Rodriguez joked about how at 38-years-old (actually, he's still 37, he'll be 38 in 10 days) he's feeling aches and pains in places he didn't know could hurt.

Francesa asked him what concerned him the most about his recovery and A-Rod said his lateral movement, especially to his left. He reiterated that he's more concerned about his defense than his offense.

And that even though he was 0-3 yesterday, he feels like he's driving the ball farther (he has a sac fly in last night's loss).

Francesa asked him if he and his reps made any deals in regards to the Biogenesis scandal and Alex said those reports were false.

Rodriguez told Francesa that he expects to see him in the crowd when the Yankees return for the next homestand and he also told Francesa that he wants to come back onto the show in the fall to talk about Miami Hurricane football.