Swift recap: Royals 3, Yankees 1

Well, you can't blame this one on me! You can blame it on the shoddy offense. The Yankees once again, loaded the bases early in the game and only managed to score one run and that came back to bite them.

And as much as people are saying that you can't blame it on CC Sabathia because he pitched a complete game, he still gave up three runs which, as we all know, is too much for the Yankees to overcome of late. In order for the Yankees to win, the starters have to hold the opposing team to zero runs, oh, wait, Hiroki Kuroda did just that on Sunday afternoon and the Yankees still lost.

Well, I'm at a loss to explain this. The Yankees and their fans were probably banking on them to win their series with the Royals and also the upcoming series with the Twins and now, the best they can muster against KC is a split.

Also, why can't the Yankees win during HOPE Week anymore? Oh, I know why, because the team is awful.

My bad.

Some notes:

  • The Yankees only had six hits and none were of the extra base hit variety.
  • Kansas City had four extra base hits: two home runs and two doubles.
  • Travis Hafner struck out three times and is now batting .217.
  • Brett Gardner snapped out of his funk and had two hits.