I think the Yankees hate me

2013 has not been a good year for me as a Yankee fan. I used to have good luck when attending games. In fact, the Yankees won the first 10 games I went to as a kid - I started off with a doubleheader for my first two live baseball games in 1983 - and the streak ended in September 1984 against the Red Sox. The funny thing is, I blamed myself for the loss because I got sick during the game and had to leave early, and I ended up listening to the Yankee lose the game on the way home from the Stadium. Because of that, I rarely leave games early, unless the person I'm counting on for my ride leaves. Obviously, I'm forced to leave then, otherwise, I stay, through good times and bad.

On Sunday, I sat in my seat in Section 413, and watched as the Yankees hung on to a precarious 1-0 lead going into the top of the ninth inning. And before I knew what was happening, Mariano Rivera blew the save and the lead and the Yankees ended up losing the game.

Then, last night, I was sitting with a friend in Section 104 - right behind poor Vernon Wells who was being heckled by Yankee fans - and watched as the offense struggled against Jeremy Guthrie and then teased us all by getting the tying run to the plate three times in the bottom of the ninth inning.

If it weren't for the victory against the Dodgers in the first game of their doubleheader last month, I'd be riding a six game losing streak. The Yankees have been horrible on Sundays (when I'm at the Stadium) but they've also been bad for my random weekday games as well.

This is highly unusual.

The Yankees never have a bad record when I'm in attendance and even in years when things have started off rocky like 2009, when I started off with a 1-4 record, they've always seemed to turn around and by the time September rolls around, I'm back with a winning record.

This year, I'm 4-7.

I joked that my brother was the jinx because he's been to a couple of games without me and they've lost but after last night, he texted me and said, "Guess I'm not the only jinx."

I'm almost afraid to go this coming Sunday. I really hope it's not a rubber game or god forbid, they're trying to fight off a sweep otherwise, they're in trouble...