7/8/2013: Yankees Line Up

Brett Gardner CFZoilo Almonte LF Robinson Cano 2B Travis Hafner DH Vernon Wells RF Travis Ishikawa 1B Luis Cruz SS Alberto Gonzalez 3B Austin Romine C

Interesting. Who's this Ishikawa guy? Apparently he's an anxious wreck... but seriously he's a left-handed first baseman that the Yankees just picked up on waivers from the Orioles. Odd that he's getting the start over Lyle Overbay, but I can't say that anyone is too happy with Overbay's .711 OPS this season. Ishikawa, on the other hand, destroyed the International League with a .939 OPS. So the Yankees are hoping that carries over into Yankee Stadium.

Also, this means the end of the David Adams era for now. I'm not sure if he's been outrighted or DFA'd.