Today in serious journamalism

I've long since given up caring about most of the nonsense that gets tossed around in the big time baseball press because, really, what's the point of worrying about something stupid being said on ESPN when it keeps getting confirmed that ESPN wants their, erm, talent saying stupid things to get a rise out of the lowest common denominator, but this blurb from, surprise, another over-written hit piece on Alex Rodriguez deserves at least a quick mention:

Just about every bit of the imagined "adversity" Alex Rodriguez thinks he is confronting is of his own making.

That's Wally Matthews, I'm sure 99% of you guessed, and it certainly isn't any surprise to see that he again devoted hundreds of words to a meandering, overwrought (he compares Alex to a parent-murdering child and other forms of criminality), attack on A-Rod. But here's the thing: his source material here is Bob Nightengale's story on Alex's attempt at getting back on the field, a story which doesn't contain a single instance of the word adversity. Yes, that's right, the word that professional journalist Wallace Matthews chose to put in quotation marks, so as to claim that it came straight from the mouth of Alex Rodriguez himself in order to rhetorically savage him once again, was never used at all by either A-Rod or Nightengale.

I guess his editor must still be on holiday.