Quick Hits: CC's 200th, Arod's Rehab, and Alex Rios

fireworksny Happy 4th of July everyone! We've got a special 2:10 PM start time to the game this afternoon, where the Yankees and David Phelps look to complete a four game sweep of the Twins and Kyle Gibson. Looks like they'll have to wear this while doing so.

Last night's win was a big one for CC Sabathia, who earned his 200th career win. He's only the 27th pitcher to do so before the age of 33. After an up and down season, we should give the big man some credit where it's due.

This three game winning streak has bumped the Yankees back up to third place, just a game ahead of the Rays and four games ahead of the Blue Jays. The Orioles remain two games ahead of the bombers, while the Red Sox are sitting comfortable with a five game lead in the loss column. The Yankees have somewhat of an easy schedule over the the next couple of weeks, and with the Red Sox making a prolonged West Coast trip, perhaps it's time to catch up.

Alex Rodriguez has now gotten two games of rehab under his belt, and he's still looking for his first hit. What a bum! Realistically, 0-4 doesn't mean much, but it's funny to see the overreactions by analysts on ESPN and some radio personalities. If Rodriguez was going to hit like a lunatic in Charleston, he'd be playing for the Yankees right now. This is his Spring Training, and he'll get another shot at his first hit of the season on Friday in Tampa.

Apparently, the Cubs are on the verge of signing this year's top international free agent Eloy Jimenez, which isn't exactly a surprise with all the money they've got slotted. The Yankees haven't made much of a splash yet, but they'll certainly find a way to spend all their designated money, and perhaps even trade for more. So far, unranked Dominican shortstop Yonauris Rodriguez is the only major signing, but the team has connections to BA's #3 prospect 3B Rafael Devers and #5 prospect CF Leonardo Molina.

The White Sox, who are the American League's second worst team, are likely to sell this month, and Alex Rios is an enticing piece. The Yankees are said to be one of six teams on the outfielder's no trade list, which is probably more of a leverage move than anything. It's hard to see Rios rejecting a trade to the Bronx where he'd be reunited with outfielder Vernon Wells. Rios has hit .268/.325/.439 this season, but he posted an .850 OPS throughout his 2012 campaign. US Cellular Field is an extremely friendly ballpark to right-handed hitters, and I'd be worried about bringing Rios into a less forgiving Yankee Stadium.

That's pretty much all floating around today. Enjoy your 4th, eat a hot dog, pet a puppy, watch a parade, and go Yankees!