Game 83: Hughes vs Deduno

I have questions about tonight:

  • Can the Yankees build on last night's game?
  • Can they continue to own the Twins like they have been doing for the past decade or so?
  • Will Phil Hughes be able to keep the ball in the park? (I realize Target Field is bigger than Yankee Stadium but you never know.)
  • Will Robinson Cano continue his hot hitting?
  • Did the Yankees score too many runs last night?
  • Have they hit their allotment for the week?

The Yankees will be facing Sam Deduno (4-2, 3.32 ERA)

Here's their lineup: Gardner CF Ichiro RF Cano 2B Hafner DH Almonte LF Overbay 1B Stewart C Adams 3B Gonzalez SS

And the Twins: Dozier 2B Mauer C Doumit DH Morneau 1B Plouffe 3B Arcia LF Parmelee RF Hicks CF Florimon SS