Confessing, blathering and complaining on a Monday afternoon

I have a confession to make. I didn't watch one second of last night's game. Unfortunately, I was actually keeping track of it on Gameday and through my Twitter timeline so I know all about the torturous events: Numerous pop ups in key siutations, the stranding of runners, the giving up of three solo home runs. It was just your typical Yankee game of late.

Now, there are a couple of reasons why I couldn't bring myself to watch the mess on TV.

  1. I cannot watch Sunday Night ESPN games because Dan Schulman's voice makes me want to rip my eardrums out. No offense to him but the way he says his s's makes me want to scream and it's all I hear. 
  2. I also had a bad feeling all day going into the game and did not want to watch that badness unfold before my eyes. And no, not even knowing that the Yankees would have Hiroki Kuroda on the bump was comforting. And, much my chagrin, my bad feeling was correct.

There are instances when I don't like being right and last night was one of them.

In fact, things are so bad that I had a dream Baltimore won the game 31-3 and I woke up thinking it actually happened. For a few moments, I was slightly angry then remembered it was only 4-2. (Full disclosure: I also dreamt that Dennis DeYoung of Styx was trying to teach me how to play Mr. Roboto on the keyboard but he kept getting mad at me because I was hitting the wrong notes. My mind was all over the place even while I was sleeping.)

The one thing about that 31-3 score from my dream is that when the Yankees find themselves down even just a run, it feels like they're down at least 10. It might as well be 31-3 these days because watching the Yankees offense trying to score even a couple of runs is like watching someone trying to scale Mount Everest with no breathing apparatus.

Earlier in the season it was fun watching this bunch of underachievers win games because it was a surprise every day/night and there were always different stars of the game. Now, we know who isn't going to hit (most of the lineup) and who is (Brett Gardner and within the past few games, Robinson Cano).

The thing that's most annoying about this latest stretch of horrid baseball by the Yankees, which frankly has lasted a month now, is the glee that fans from other teams have watching this downward spiral. At the moment the Yankees are 42-39 - their Pythagorean W-L is actually 39-42 - and they've allowed more runs than they've scored (326 allowed to 310 scored) for a putrid -16 differential. They finished June 11-16 and are now in fourth place in the American League East and only a game up on Toronto.

Sadly, it's not just the hitting that is rotten, the pitching hasn't been anything to write home about lately either. When you're a team that was dependent on the strength of your pitching staff, it's not good when your "ace" can't finish a game, like CC Sabathia on Friday night or when your fifth starter can't escape the first inning without giving up four runs like David Phelps on Saturday. But to be fair, and like I said above, the opposition scoring three runs is enough to cause the Yankees to lose these days so it's not like the starters are going out there and giving up 11 runs a game.

People are hoping, and in some ways, expecting the Yankees to recover this week when they play in Minnesota this week. The Twins are struggling with a 36-42 record and also find themselves in fourth place in their Division. I'm going to be a wimp and not predict anything either way. I'm just going to sit here and hope the Yankees aren't retuning to the Stadium this weekend on a nine-game losing streak.

And for the love of God, when Baltimore comes to New York next weekend would it be too much to ask for the Yankees pitching staff to STOP PITCHING TO CHRIS DAVIS?

(Feel free to vent in the comments)