Game 76: #HIROK vs Darvish, the rematch

Tonight's pitching matchup between Hiroki Kuroda and Yu Darvish is the kind that baseball dreams are made of. Kuroda comes into the game with a 2.78 ERA and Darvish is sporting a 2.84 ERA. The Yankees offense has been struggling against pitchers with ERA's north of five lately so tonight should be interesting. Some people are joking that Darvish will get a no-hitter. But obviously, Kuroda is no slouch either.

Maybe they'll both have no-hitters until the Yankees win in the bottom of the ninth on a Jayson Nix home run?

Sorry, I think the heat is getting to my brain. This is what happens when you sit in a room with a fan and no AC.

Here's the Rangers' lineup: Kinsler 2B Andrus SS Cruz RF Beltre 3B Pierzynski C Berkman DH Moreland 1B Murphy LF Martin CF

And here's the Yankees' lineup: Gardner CF Ichiro RF Cano 2B Hafner DH Overbay 1B Almonte LF Nix SS Adams 3B Stewart C

Enjoy the game!