Quick hit: A-Rod is now verified on Twitter

Oh boy. I had known that Alex Rodriguez was on Twitter for a couple of weeks and I even retweeted some of his stuff but he was officially verified by Twitter this afternoon, which means he now has the little blue checkmark in his profile so everyone knows it's legitimately his account.

So far, the reactions have been pretty funny.

Some people are disgusted while others can't believe he'd be exposing himself to this kind of scrutiny. Newsflash: He's not actually typing in the tweets, I'm sure he hired someone to do that. Also, he will never look at his replies so people should probably stop telling him to kill himself.

Personally, I'm thrilled. I love everything about A-Rod, especially his awkwardness which is on full display both on Facebook and Twitter.

Anyway, you can find him at @AROD because of course he'd capitalize his name like that, HE'S A-ROD DAMN IT.